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Top 7 Bracelet Trends for 2013 – ‘Arresting’ Fashion for your Arm

Bracelets are powerful fashion accessories that can add so much to your overall look. Sleek bracelets in intricate designs, with or without studded gemstones create an aura of understated elegance. And vibrant, beaded bracelets in multiple hues bring out the free spirit in you and transform you into a funky diva.

No wonder all major fashion houses like Prada, Fendi and others unveil a special bracelet collection every season. And yes, the fashion bracelet trends for 2013 have been revealed.

What are you waiting for? It is time dress your arm in some ‘arresting’ 2013 bracelet fashion.

Bracelet Trends for 2013

1.  Cuff Bracelets for 2013

Cuff bracelets are very fashionable in 2013. If you never liked stacking up multiple bracelets on your arm (the earlier trend), you now have an option. The cuff bracelets unveiled by several big fashion names such as Lenora Dame and Pyrrha are thicker than conventional bracelets. You slip on one, and you are all done. The cuffs are available as plain solids, and some cuffs sport intricate designs. I personally like the solid cuffs. What is your preference?

Bracelet Trends

2. Color Blocking for Bracelets in 2013

While color blocking was a popular trend in apparels for 2013, Fendi has incorporated this trend into their spring summer 2013 bracelet collection. Solid blacks and whites were observed in several Fendi bracelets. The designer took the color blocking trend several notches higher in the style department by including solid spikes against a contrasting solid background. And at the other extreme, single color bracelets (black) were also part of the collection. The best effect is obtained by combining the various designs together as one of these pictures shows.

Bracelet Trends

3. Floral Bracelet Designs for 2013

Prada has creatively incorporated the floral motif for its 2013 bracelet designs. And trust Prada to do it in style. The simple floral design has been presented in various creative formats in the collection. There is a ‘link’ design embellished with tiny studded flowers. Or you can opt for simple sleek floral design on a base cream bracelet. The pride of the collection, though, are two designs, comprising floral ‘circles’, linked to each other by a sparkling band of gemstones. One bracelet is white and other is black and they stand out in the photos below.


4. Beaded and Layered Look for Bracelets 2013

Beaded bracelets are a staple trend in bracelet fashion. In the M.Cohen spring 2013 collection, the beaded bracelet look was made even more creative by combining bracelets with colored beads and plain beads together and layering them up. Made quite an eye catching spectacle for sure. And remember what we said earlier about unleashing the free sprit within you. This is exactly what we were talking about.


 5. Colorful Bracelets for 2013

You can now add a splash of color to your arm. The Miansai spring summer 2013 bracelet collection showcased colored printed as well as plain bracelets. For those of you, who don’t want to completely unleash the free spirit within (with the M.Cohen bracelets), but perhaps, want to let go just a bit, these bracelets are perfect. They are casual without being wild.

Bracelet Trends

6. Gemstone and Marble Bracelets for 2013

Some of the most beautiful bracelet looks for 2013 included gemstones and marble stones. Gemstones add the shine and sparkle and enhance the look of your bracelet. And when gemstones are set in a creative pattern, they further embellish the overall look. Renowned jewelry designer Lele Sadoughi has created this exquisite scarab style Egyptian bracelet design that appears luxurious and exclusive all at the once.

Another masterpiece from her is the solid column slider bracelet with marbles. Now who would have thought stones on the arm would be stylish? Perhaps Wilma Flintstone was the inspiration?

Bracelet Trends

7. Creative Bracelets for 2013

And in 2013, designers pushed the limits of creativity in their bracelet designs. Moving away from the conventional designs, we saw Oscar de la Renta, Marc Jacobs and Diane Von Furstenberg showcase some refreshing bracelets that were simple, uncomplicated and yet daringly different from norms.

 Bracelet Trends

 What is your favorite bracelet look for 2013? And don’t you think its time you started dropping hints to the significant other on appropriate Valentine’s gifts? You could perhaps send him the link to this article.