Shoe Trends - Accessorized Shoes

Top 7 Shoe Trends for 2012 to keep Your Feet Smiling & Happy

If you feel you’ve been shopping too much and want to put an end to excessive shopping, let us help you make an exception when it comes to shoes. No matter how comfortable the rest of your clothes are, if your shoes aren’t just right, you end up feeling uncomfortable and insecure for the entire time you’re wearing them.

We’ve brought to you some of the hottest shoe trends that were the major trendsetters in 2012 and also those which will be, for the winter 2012 collection. You can splurge a la Carrie Bradshaw, our darling from Sex and the City and shoot to instant fame by making a bold fashion statement with the shoes we present to you today.

It may come as a shocker to you if platforms are your favourites, but you ought to know that platforms have disappeared from the fashion scene in 2012. However you’ll be happy to know that they have been replaced with fashionable and chic ballerinas, pumps and velvet shoes, so you will never run out of choices.

Check out the hottest shoe trends for last 2 months of 2012 and stand tall in these latest styles for fashion 2012.

1. The Sky Is the Limit for 2012

Stand tall in vertiginous high heels and no one will judge you. Well, we do agree that this trend is not going to make your feet and ankles too happy but if you want to look much taller than you are and you are confident enough to carry the highest heel possible, this trend will do you good.

Wearing extremely high heels is THE fashion statement for 2012.

 2. Pumps Trends 2012

Pointed toe pumps with extremely thin pencil heels are a hot trend for 2012. We love our pumps not only for how stylish they make our feet look, but also because they are very comfortable than most pairs of shoes. Pointed toe pumps look very chic and graceful and are great for a formal do or an evening out in the city.


3. Animal Print Shoes 2012

A couple of renowned fashion designers showcased animal prints on the runway as part of their fashion 2012 collection. Animal print shoes seem to be a hot favourite among the designers for 2012, so no reason why they shouldn’t be yours. Invest in at least one great pair of animal print shoes for 2012 and rock the winter away donning them.


4. Accessorized Shoes 2012

Buckles, bows, stones, studs, ribbons – shoes for 2012 have it all!

Your plain and simple shoe can be dialled up a notch by just adding some design element to it to make it look even more stylish.

Our favourite celebrities are seen flaunting their hot legs in these hot accessorized shoes for 2012, so you can do it too. Silver and gold buckles, belts and ornaments on the surface of the shoe make them look very stylish and striking.


5. Ballerinas 2012

Ballerinas are like relief to the feet after a long episode with extremely high heels and squished toes. Ballerinas are a very stylish and pretty pair that can be teamed with almost anything. Dresses, jeans, skirts, jackets, trench coats, you name it and be sure that those ballerinas will go with anything.

Always keep a pair of ballerinas handy for those days when you have no pair to match with the rest of your attire. They’re stylish, they’re trendy and they are a hot shoe trend for 2012.

6. Velvet shoes 2012

Velvet always feels so soft against your skin. Now here are some velvet shoes for 2012 that made eyes gleam with envy and desire for them as soon as they were noticed on the runways. Velvet shoes are very pretty to look at and are available in a variety of styles and colours.



7. Ankle Length Boots 2012

I’m sure many of you were waiting desperately, thinking to yourself, “Where are my ankle length boots, I hope they’re on this list.” Well, good news for you, they are here. Ankle length boots are not a new shoe trend, but they have always been very fashionable and still are. However, you will find slight variations in this trend, brought to the ramp by major fashion houses. Ankle length shoes are now a bit higher up than the ankle and come in a variety of heel types, lengths, colours and prints. Ankle length boots are very edgy and stylish and a must have for winter 2012.

Our designers have gone all out to ensure that platforms are thrown out from shoe trends for 2012. Well, if you love your platforms, don’t throw them away, the trend may reappear, but do invest in some of these stylish pairs we have brought to you in this presentation of shoe trends for 2012.