Halloween Costumes - Nick Cannon

Get Inspired with Top 8 Celebrity Halloween Costume Ideas for Men

Are all you handsome men tired of looking out for costume ideas for Halloween? Have most of your searches turned futile when all you found were Halloween costumes ideas for women? Well, your search ends here.

We understand that it is not only the women who want to look stylish and attractive at every occasion, but you too want to look fashionable and attract the pretty ladies with your dashing prince charming looks.

So what’s your theme for this Halloween? Scary, spooky or sensually appealing?

We have specially compiled a list of Halloween Costumes inspired by celebrities for all you handsome men out there.

So check out the compilation and be inspired.

1) Santino Rice

American television personality and fashion designer Santino Rice, parts ways with his “hunk” looks and dons the appearance of a horror-movie character. The bloody mask and the colour red brushed across his face add to the spooky factor of his costume. If you don’t pick up his look, a certain film director surely will for his next horror flick.

2) Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Dancing star, Maksim Cmerkovskiy, standing alongside ex-girlfriend Karina Smirnoff, shows off his raw sexual appeal in the classic character Captain Hook’s costume. Hijack the attention of all the ladies present at the party with this pirate costume. Forget the pirate hat people will be referring to you as “just some dude at the party”.

3) Josh Henderson

This one will certainly get all the ladies going, “My, my!” Josh Henderson pulls off Michelangelo’s costumes from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with a boyish charm. This costume is a fabulous choice to showcase those well toned muscles. So boys, here is your chance to flaunt your body.

4) Adam Lambert v/s Edward Cullen

Imitate Adam Lambert if you wish to scare everyone out of the party. This Goth lover takes on the look of a vampire and spooks the living daylights out of you with his rigid appearance. Follow Lambert’s look if you wish to be the villainous vampire, but if you want to win the pretty ladies’ hearts, chocolate boy is the way go by donning Edward Cullen’s heart throbbing looks from the Twilight series.

 5) JC Chasez

Neil Armstrong may be celebrating Halloween in heaven with this costume, while his counterpart JC Chasez of N’Sync fame decided to come down to earth with this astronaut costume. While the astronaut costume certainly is a smart and unique idea, make sure you keep the science books at home so as not to kill the joy at the party.

6) Corey Bohan

Corey Bohan brings Beetlejuice to life with the black and white stripped costume, white wig and loud face make up. Standing alongside him is Audrina Partridge complementing Bohan’s Beetlejuice look. You can pull off this look with a female partner at your side; and even if you don’t have one now, you will surely have one by the end of the party.

 7) Nick Cannon

You wouldn’t need a Mariah Carey beside you to complete this look, but Carey certainly complements Nick Cannon’s angelic costume. You can be dressed in a white tux or a white flowing gown, but do not give the shiny white wings and fluffy halo a miss.

 8) Daniel Craig – James Bond

If getting the intricate details of your costume right is stressing you out, you should pay heed to the sound advice Mr. Bond has to offer you. You can bring out your tuxedo from the back of the closet or rent one and don it with a sparkling white shirt underneath it. Throw on a bow tie and some silver cuff links and don’t forget your nephew’s toy gun. You will have yourself a Bond… James Bond.

 Inspired already? We do hope you are.

Now go ahead and rock that Halloween party.