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Top 8 Hairstyle Trends for Women for Autumn/Winter 2012-13

It is often said that the only thing that remains constant in the world of fashion is change. And this is so true. Fashion changes every season, though some trends may be revived over the years and some trends may be tweaked to a certain extent. But the fact is every season adds it own look and flavour to each trend.

‘Hairstyles for women’ is an interesting and diverse fashion area. Diverse because there are literally hundreds of styles and trends you can choose from, depending on the length and texture of your hair. Also, there are many choices in the way you cut your hair or colour your hair.

But which of these choices are the top trends for the upcoming Autumn/Winter season? Autumn/Winter is usually the time for many formal occasions and events including weddings, Christmas/New Year get-togethers, major red carpet events and the like. And the last thing you want to do is show up somewhere with a hairstyle that was popular last season or worse, is completely off the fashion radar currently.

Read on to find the most popular hair style trends for women that will rock the upcoming winter season. As always, these are the runway looks that we have brought to you from around the world. For as you know, what is on the runway today is the preview of what is to come in the following season.

Ladies, presenting to you

The Top Hairstyle Style Trends for Women for Autumn/Winter 2012-13


  1. Sleek Side Partings

Seen at the shows by major designers like Victoria Beckham, Christian Dior and Jill Sander, the side parting is set to be a big trend in autumn/winter 2012. In our opinion, keeping the hair slick and pasted down to the scalp (rather than keeping it bouncy and voluminous) will add oodles of sophistication, transforming it into an uber chic and sexy look.

Sleek side partings enhance style and sex appeal


  1. The Equestrian Ponytail

Some classic trends never go out of fashion, though their way of presentation may vary slightly every season. Case in point – the ponytail. Designer Herve Leger presented the ‘equestrian’ ponytail trend which is a combination of textured and smooth. The texture is represented in the crown with a messy tousled look, while the base of the ponytail is slick, smooth and straight.

Equestrian ponytail. You need some hair spray to create the texture in the crown.

  1. Dip Dyed Hair Colour Trends

This is one area where the trends have completely changed from what they were in the previous season. While Spring/Summer 2012 was dominated by pastel hues, hair colour trends in Autumn/Winter 2012/13 are veering towards dip dyed colours. Leaving the crown alone, the hair tips are dipped in colour. And before you ask, yes, the colours are bolder than ever, including shades of blues, pinks and orange. The dip dyed hair colour trend was seen at the Prada and Jean Paul Gaultier shows.


  1. Buns are Back

Perhaps, it is the Olympics effects with athletes who pulled back their hair in to sleek, neat buns. In any case, buns are back in a big way as hairstyle trends for autumn/winter 2012.  On the runways, we saw different variations of the bun from the classic top knot ballet buns (Louis Vuitton) to messy laid back buns (Stella McCartney) complex multi-twist buns (Rick Owens)

Ballet buns are a hot trend for AW 2012


  1. Braided Hairstyle Trends

The braid is another classic hairstyle trend that seldom goes out of fashion. The fact that braids impart an old-world classic feminine charm is of course an added advantage of this hair trend.

Emilio Puci, Mulberry and Mark Fast were some of the designers who showcased the braids hairstyle trend in their shows. And the braids ranged from sexy hairband like creations to the school girlish double plaits and chic plaited buns.

This innovative braided hairband is sure to make heads turn

  1. Disheveled Voluminous Bobs

The bob is the perfect hairstyle for all looks and occasions. Little surprise that it makes an appearance as a leading trend in practically all seasons.

This season, the bob manifests itself as disheveled voluminous trend reminiscent of the 1920s style. The sharp lines lend an edgy feel to the look, while the volume frames the face and softens the effect. So essentially contrast is at play to create the perfect look with this bob.

Hair accessories can further accentuate the effect of the bob.

  1. Go for Fringe Benefits this Winter

Several major designers including Versace and Rooney Mara-esque showcased the fringe look in their Autumn Winter looks for 2012/2013. Heavy straight fringes falling down the forehead seemed to rule the ramps this season. And the good news? You can combine these with any length of hair (short, medium or long) to get a stylish sexy look.

  1. Wavy Hair Trends

Waves made waves for hairstyle trends for the upcoming Autumn/Winter season. From soft, barely there waves to more deliberate specifically created waves, you can leave your waves untouched to create a natural look or combine with some innovative hairstyles to create a unique look.

Waves pulled back to create a unique hairstyle.

A simple tip to create subtle waves – braid your hair overnight. Release the braids and you have your waves. The tighter you have pulled your braids, the more pronounced your waves.

So now you know the rocking hairstyle trends for the forthcoming winter and autumn. Your hair forms an important component of the overall look and these style trends make sure that you are ‘with it’ wherever you go. And remember, the best fashion results are the ones you are most comfortable with. Feel free to play around within the confines of the general trend to add your unique touches to the hair style.

That way you will come up with a hairstyle that is not only stylish and trendy, but which is also uniquely YOU.