Miley Cyrus' shoes

Top 8 Impeccably Funky Shoes of Miley Cyrus

The funkiest shoes that you will ever find on any pair of feet in the whole wide world belong to singing sensation Miley Cyrus. That’s what qualifies her to feature in our section on your favorite stars’ favorite shoes.

Miley Cyrus has quite a unique choice when it comes to shoes. She does manage to go wrong with her outfits and especially her hairstyle, at times, but her collection of shoes can really take your breath away.

Miley seems to love wearing boots a lot more than any other type of shoe, but today, we’re going to showcase to you different varieties from her shoe collection. So are you ready to get down and get funky with Miley Cyrus’ shoes? Great, then, let’s begin!

1. Snakeskin Boots

Miley Cyrus' shoes

Miley’s awesome pair of snakeskin boots certainly adds a new dimension to her height and we love how gorgeous this remarkable pair actually looks. Her outfit does pale in comparison to these fabulous boots.

2. Knee Length Flat Boots

Miley Cyrus' shoes

This gorgeous pair of flat knee length boots, we really like. Miley uses these boots to her advantage to add an edgy appeal to her look and it works really well for her.

3. Lace up Boots            Miley Cyrus' shoes

And here’s another lovely pair of Miley Cyrus’ boots. These lace up ankle length boots match perfectly with the rest of her outfit and truly bring out her rock star image. There’s something about rock stars and boots, isn’t there?

4. Christian Louboutin Ankle Strap Sandals

Miley Cyrus' shoes

Miley Cyrus sizzles in the awesome pair of black and white striped Christian Louboutin Ankle Strap Sandals. We love the color and we love the style. Oh and we also love that ankle strap shoes are a hot trend in 2013; that means we can flaunt lovely shoes like these all through the year.

5. Christian Louboutin Platform Pumps

Miley Cyrus' shoes

And here’s another hot pair from Christian Louboutin. These platform pumps really look trendy, chic and classy and this is one pair that should be at the top of every girl’s must have list.


6. Christian Louboutin Evening Pumps

Miley Cyrus' shoes And now we have established for sure that Miley has a certain fondness for Christian Louboutin footwear. (We do too!) This pair of sizzling evening pumps is quite a fabulous choice and we love the dress that she has worn with it too.

7. Balenciaga Gladiator Heels

Miley Cyrus' shoes

The rock star is here again with quite a rocking and wild look. The dress spells wild, the accessories spell wild and the shoes spell wild too. And we love this combination of wild styles put together that exudes a ravishing look. These black Balenciaga Gladiator Heels are certainly worth all the admiration they have received and will receive.

8. Cole Haan Strappy Sandals

 Miley Cyrus' shoes

Sometimes, the simplest things can look extraordinary, especially when they are paired up with something so elegant. We cannot think of any other pair of shoes that would gloriously magnify Miley’s look as much as these black Cole Haan Strappy Sandals have.

So has Miley Cyrus’ shoe collection bowled you over? Do let us know! We’d love to hear what you think about Miley’s funky shoes.