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Top 90s Fashion Trends That Are Back In Style

Slowly, but surely, some of the most beloved 90s fashion trends have been making a comeback. At this point, we can pretty much say for sure that scrunchies or tiny butterfly clips will not be coming back in style – ever. But a few trends like slip dresses, chokers or high-waisted jeans are surely returning in style.

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Keep reading to discover five 90s fashion trends that are now chicer than ever before.

1. The Slip Dress

The off-duty look of choice for all the major 90s models – we’re looking at you, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss – is back in tip-top shape! The careless, effortless vibe that a slip dress gives off is pretty much unparalleled. This is why slip dresses can nowadays be seen everywhere, from red carpets to street style shots. Pair it with a pair of heels to update this sexy 90s trend.

2. Crop Tops

Crop tops might have been huge in the 90s, but they are even bigger now. Today, they are already deeply rooted into our wardrobes and they’re worn by everyone, everywhere. From elegant evening looks to party-ready ensembles, crop tops are surprisingly versatile. For a 2014 version of the crop top look, make sure you pair the top with a high-waisted skirt or pant. No belly-button in sight – you want to keep it chic, chic, chicer!

3. High-Waisted Jeans

Speaking about crop tops, their best pals from the 90s, the high-waisted jeans, are also back in the game! Wear with simple tops, and let them make a statement on their own, or pair with romantic blouses for a modern update. You can even wear them to the office if you add a belt and a blazer. This versatile piece is, without a doubt, the most loved of the 90s fashion trends today.

4. Chokers

Hello, nostalgia! Remember the tattoo chokers everyone and their mother had in the 90s? Well, they are back in style now. So are metallic, crystal or otherwise unconventional chokers that can we worn either by themselves or layered, for an eclectic look. If you want to steer away from the conventions, your best choice is a minimalist, metal choker.

5. Grunge Looks

OK, so maybe grunge in the 90s was a bit different from its modern renditions. But who cares? The spirit is still here and it’s all that matters, right? For a modern take on the 90s grunge, mix flannel shirts with ripped shorts, creepers and a beanie. A little bit of a sexy edge never hurt nobody – don’t be afraid to try it, for it will make your 90s inspired look seem modern and fresh.

Are you convinced yet? Remember, what goes around, comes around – fashion tends to be repetitive and what was old can suddenly be new again.

Which one of these 90s fashion trends was your favorite?