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Top Fabric Trends for Winter 2012/2013 Fashion

  1. Fabric Trend #1 – Faux Fur

Faux fur is an obvious fabric for winter. The ramp was literally swamped with variety in fur for clothing and non-clothing accessories like hats and bags.

The piece of fur clothing that really stands out and makes a statement for winter 2012/2013 is the fur coat. With colors ranging from bright yellows and reds to the darker blues and purples with neutral shades in between, you have unlimited options to make an impact with your fur coat this season. And naturally, fake is always better than genuine.

Fur coat trends 2012/13


  1. Fabric Trend #2 – Leather

No surprise here either. Leather is always a major winter trend. Usually restricted to coats and jackets, this year, leather gets a little feminine exclusively for the ladies. We saw an abundance of leather skirts and leather dresses that will give you a sexy and edgy look at the same time. Accessorize with leather shoes and bags and you become the original biker babe, only more elegant and sophisticated.

 Leather is feminine this season


  1. Fabric Trend # 3 Wool

Again, an obvious winter choice, knitwear was very popular at practically all shows. But the challenge lies in playing with the fabric and creating contemporary and creative knitwear designs and as usual, you can count on top notch designers to achieve that. So if you think wool wear trends are going to be boring, you could not be more wrong.

For one, there is sheer variety in designs and styles, so you can choose your favorite style and still be trendy this winter. From complete knitwear skirt suits to woolen coats to wraps carelessly thrown around your shoulders, wool is an interesting fabric this winter to say the least.

Trendy knitwear seen on the ramp


  1. Fabric Trend #4 – Velvet

Something new and surprising and absolutely innovative, don’t you think? Very soft and elegant, the fabric oozes femininity. Deep rich colors in velvet gowns seen on the ramp are sure to be spotted on the red carpet in the forthcoming season.

Soft and feminine velvet dresses

 Velvet suits were also seen on the ramp that created an androgynous look.


What do you think of velvet suits?

 We were not impressed, but then fashion has been always been a matter of individual likes. If you feel you can carry off your velvet suits go right ahead.