Jewelry Trends 2013

Top 7 Jewelry Brands for 2013 – Unique, Mesmerizing and Perfect

Jewelry fails to fascinate only the rarest of rare women. For everybody else, jewelry is something to die for. You can really never have enough of it and the desire to have more never ends.

Every piece of jewelry seems so lovely and so different from each other that it makes you fall madly in love with it. But the one thing that jewelry does best is gracing a woman’s appearance like nothing else or no one else can.

2013 brings with it some fabulous jewelry items in new varieties, unique styles and mesmerizing patterns. So let’s check out the hottest Jewelry Brands that will be vying for your attention in 2013.

Jewelry Brands 2013

Presenting to you…… The Top 7 Jewelry Brands for 2013

7. Harry Winston

Harry Winston has launched a lovely jewelry collection for 2013 replete with gemstones, diamonds and a bunch of fascinating timepieces. The wedding and engagement collection by Harry Winston for 2013 is a treat to the eyes and will quench your thirst for the sight of sparkling diamonds.

However, it is the sunflower collection by Harry Winston that you need to watch out for in 2013.

Jewelry Brands 2013

6. Buccellati

Nature inspires Buccellati in 2013 and what follows is a hauntingly beautiful collection of precious gemstones, tantalizing emeralds, dazzling rubies and mesmerizing patterns formed by weaves of gold. Take a look at it yourself and be mesmerized.

Jewelry Brands 2013

5. Tiffany

Tiffany is synonymous with weddings and engagements and Tiffany jewelry pieces make for fabulous gifting ideas for women. So elegant, so graceful, so stunning and so very feminine, Tiffany will blow your mind away.

Check out Tiffany’s Paloma Picasso olive leaf jewelry collection for 2013. Its beauty will stun you beyond words.

Jewelry Brands 2013

4. Cartier

 Cartier manages to outdo its own jewelry with each passing season. It just keeps getting better and it keeps luring us closer towards the sparkling diamonds, shiny jewelry and fascinating creations that will bowl you over.

Cartier’s jewelry collection for 2013 is inspired by the fieriness of the wild. Panthers and jaguars proudly shining in all their glory grace Cartier’s collection for 2013. It brings out the strong, confident, independent, fierce and passionate woman that you already are.

Cartier Jewelry Brands 2013

3. Bvlgari

Bvlgari is a personal favorite of manyHollywood celebrities. You will often see Bvlgari pieces gracing the Red Carpet at award ceremonies and other events.

For 2013, Bvlgari’s bridal collection is even more beautiful than the bride itself. The intricately designed sparkling engagement rings and wedding bands from the Eternal Promise collection will make you fall in love with the idea of marriage. Seal the deal and promise your love eternally to your better half with a captivating ring from Bvlgari’s bridal collection for 2013.

Jewelry Brands 2013

2. Piaget

Women love two things the most about fashion: jewelry and anything that’s floral. When you combine the two, you get Piaget’s breathtaking Rose Collection. This precious flower, crafted with utmost perfection is man’s masterpiece. Created with gold, platinum, white gold and diamonds, this Rose Collection for 2013 by Piaget will remain timeless for eternity.

Jewelry Brands 2013

1. Mikimoto

Mikimoto’s 2013 jewelry collection is one of a kind. Crafted with some of the finest pearls in the world, these jewelry pieces have achieved a rare perfection that few others can boast of. You are indeed privileged if you get to experience the luxurious pleasures offered by the Mikimoto 2013 floral jewelry collection. A single piece from this jewelry collection can outshine every other jewel in the world.

Jewelry Brands 2013

These beautiful jewelry pieces showcased in this article are among the most enchanting jewelry pieces in the world, presented to you by the best jewelry brands for 2013. Perfection can never get better than this. Doesn’t this collection inspire a jewelry shopping trip any time soon?