Top Style Trends from London Olympics

The Olympics has been an explosion of sports, styles, colors, fashion and trends. Here’s a look at “what’s been hot” at the London Olympics in the past few days.

Starting with August 1, Wednesday….

The day was no doubt dominated by the victory and side burns of the talented Bradley Wiggins. With two Olympic Gold Medals on his chest, sideburns that could inspire Elvis and an attitude that could best be defined as British, Bradley became the talk of the world. And if that wasn’t enough, Bradley went on to please one and all with the latest from Alexander McQueen visor collection. Super hot, uber cool and definitely well loved!

Bar Rafaeli, Israeli supermodel made a surprise visit to the men’s swimming finals and pleasantly surprised all, including the champion swimmers. Skateboarder and supposed boyfriend Shaun White was by her side as she clicked pictures of the races which later turned out to be that of the swimmers and their much toned torsos. Way to go girl!

The surprise visits did not end with Bar Rafaeli. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge walked into the Olympic Village to meet with their very own Team Great Britain. Whether they were successful in inspiring the team for a higher medal tally remains to be seen, however, champion swimmer and bronze medal winner Rebecca Adlington has for sure found her inspiration in the Duchess’ shoes. To shed light on the matter, Adlington is known to be an ardent shoe lover and post her winning spree at the Beijing Olympics, she rewarded herself, err, her feet with a set of Jimmy Choo’s and Louboutins under the bright glare of the worldwide media. This time, the navy suede and cork wedged courts that the Duchess wore have successfully caught the fancy of the swimmer who could not stop gushing about them. Well, how about two more gold medals before you go shopping again, Rebecca?

In an interview with Gary Linekar on BBC, Stella McCartney shared some interesting tidbits about designing the kit for Team GB and her famous dad, Sir Paul McCartney. When asked about the mega opening ceremony, Stella revealed that Sir Paul McCartney was as composed as he could ever have been before he went on stage to perform. When quizzed about the challenges she faced when designing the lovely kits, she admitted to gymnastics leotards being the toughest to design. Well, it does seem she did overcome all challenges in the end to bring forth magnificent designs and prints for the entire team.

Over to August 2, Thursday….  

The Duchess of Cambridge never fails to inspire with her sense of style and austerity. No doubt it was a busy day for her between the events and it mandated a quick change of outfit in between. She watched Andy Murray win gold at Wimbledon in a Stella McCartney dress that we have seen her wear before at the National Portrait Gallery. And as she left for Stratford, she managed to change in a Team GB polo shirt, fitting jeans and cork wedge shoes she seems to be in love with. Catherine did not show us something we have not seen her before in, yet we liked it. More than ever!

It was all Stella in the velodrome at Stratford as Team GB displayed their skills. Victoria Pendelton gets a special mention here as she remained a part of the tough and competitive cycling action in Stella McCartney designs through the day.

Bradley’s side burns remained a hit for the second day with many more kinds propping up in the Village…

There is good news for the fans of American swimmer par excellence Ryan Lochte, who is all set of launch his second career in fashion soon. His charming fashion style will be channeled into a line of men’s clothing and will have plenty of flair. Considering that it is Lochte’s line, fans can hope for more than just flair.

Accessories in the Olympics remain largely limited to whatever that does not come in the way of performance. Except for archery, where sportspersons can accessorize all they want. If you want to learn the latest trends in jewellery, follow the archers who have been wearing everything from pearls to gold.

Although not an accessory but a necessity, the bonnets used by players in water polo have caught our fancy for being very cute. They are functional pieces that protect the ears from damage due to a fast ball. Nice!

Moving on to August 3, Friday…

The Olympics are not without glamor as Emilie Gomis showed the world. Basketball leaves little room for feminine outfits, but the French basketball player added that much needed dash of color with the red hot lipstick. Never leave home without some lipstick on, eh?

If Emilie Gomis used her lips to add glamor, Marta Pihan Kulesza did it with her hair. The champion gymnast from Poland used her braids to good order as she adorned them with glitter and paint in true patriotic fervor. As she jumped high in the air, her braids remained in focus as much as her. Kudos to creativity and innovation!

While Marta adopted the feminine approach with her shining braids, Liz Cambage decided to add to her tall stature with a hair style that wowed one and all. The star basketball player from Australia left no stone unturned to go for the latest trends of 2012. Sporting a hair style akin to that of pop icon Rihanna, Liz looks very stylish in the short crop. But it does not stop there. The look is not very feminine and she looks every bit fierce as her game goes. Top it with her 6 ft 8 inch frame and there you go…

For all the latest gossip, style trends and nitty-gritty details of the greatest sports event on earth, keep an eye on this space. We bring to you a day to day update of what’s hot and trending at the Olympics 2012.