Top Trends for Women’s Stoles Winter 2012 – 13

Attractive winter wear is an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe. Shawls and stoles have become a fundamental winter accessory in our country for quite some time now. They are now a rage, right from the corporate women to homemakers to celebrities (and almost every woman in between). Stoles are available in endless varieties of materials, designs and patterns and choosing the right kind of style is imperative in making or breaking your look.

Here is a fashion guide to help you get the right kind of stole  

  • The Silk Route


 Picture this: a sophisticated dinner party; you’ve got your outfit right but something’s missing. Yes, it is a silk stole that will do the trick. A mod silk stole when teamed up with the correct outfit will make you shine everywhere you go. The exclusivity and sheer richness of the fabric makes it stand out on any outfit. Fine quality silks are available in a variety of patterns and prints, serving as a perfect option for a fancy get together or a night out with friends.


  • Checkmate


 Speaking of sophistication, here is something we do not want you to miss. Say a fashionable “checkmate!” to everyone by sporting a chic check-printed stole. Multicoloured checks are great for a perky day time brunch while dark hued checks will look fabulous on formal outfits. Another variation here is the Tartan – a classic Scottish print. There is nothing more enriching than a monochromatic outfit with a stylishly wrapped tartan stole.


  • Balmy Woollens

 Nothing beats the winter freeze better than a soft and cushy woollen stole. Go to an apparel store and you will find diverse options – long wool, fine wool, Pashmina, Shetland, Icelandic and Romanov. You can choose from different kinds of wool qualities and types to suit your need. Woollen stoles work as a great substitute for caps and ear muffs, without compromising on style. Woollen stoles are available in prints, large knits, embellishments and many other patterns.

  • Viscose

 The nature lover will adore viscose stoles. They are made from wood pulp and are a 100% natural fibre. Bright, bubbly and refreshing – viscose stoles are bound to dazzle your wardrobe. They are available in numerous colours and prints and are popular among all age groups. Versatility of viscose as a fabric is the major reason for its popularity. Viscose is known for draping incredibly well across the frame. It is highly comfortable to wear and its softness is remarkable.

  • The Wild Child


Animal prints – bigger and better than ever. Winter 2012-13 will be big on animal prints. Leopard, zebra, red fox and cheetah are some of the popular animal prints. These loud and flashy prints make a statement when teamed up with any kind of outfit. Animal prints were big on the runway this year and will be spotted on the streets too. However, carrying them off requires some confidence, so take the plunge if you may!