Solid Color Ties

Top Trends in Men’s Ties in 2012

The 17th century ‘cravat’ is most apparently, the ancestor of the modern day neck and bow ties. Although, most items of clothing owe their origin to practical usage, we can safely say that the ‘Tie’ was not one of them. Just over some 300 hundred years in age, the Tie seems to be purely a man’s decorative accessory, the Bow tie being, so to say, a derivative.

For the truly fashion conscious, the fashion trends spoil us for choices. Don’t they?

A tie can mesmerize you with its varying proportions, type of knots, sizes, colors, patterns, materials used and so much more.

Here’s a look at the Top Trends in Ties

1.     Solid Color Ties

The solid color tie is the most basic necessity in a man’s wardrobe. Its standard width of 3.5 inches is the rage whatever the season or occasion. For those who are starting to build their tie collection this is a classic and is not likely to ever fall out of style. Often called the ‘power tie’ and not without reason, it is sure to make your presentation successful.

2.     Skinny Ties

 As the name implies, Skinny ties have a narrow width. These ties can change your entire look and are popular, with youngsters too. Skinny ties are an ideal way of accessorizing and adding that unique personality to your outfit.

3.     Checked Ties

This striking style is both professional and casual at the same time. It has a clean cut design and is best when paired with a solid shirt. Checked ties are a fashionable addition to your wardrobe and are sure to make you stand out and give you that stylish image.

4.     Polka dot Ties 

Traditionally associated with children’s clothing polka dot ties have long since done away with that myth. The polka dotted tie can not only make you a trendsetter but can work for you in the business environment as well. With dark colors like black and blue these patterns can give you a very professional look and feel. The beauty of this pattern is that its impact transforms with the color you choose.

5. Knitted Ties

The Knitted tie has made a comeback in the workplace, in recent years. These ties are available in the traditional Solid colors and a variety of stripes. These ties are made of either Wool or Cashmere, or maybe even a blend of the two. Your work environment dictates the choice of thick or fine yarns.

6. Geometric Patterned Ties

Beautiful patterns can be created to make a geometric tie.

The square, triangle, and circle form the basis of patterns of a Geometric Tie. You may find rectangles, oblongs, and octagons, too. They are visually stimulating and can be worn at an informal get together.

An apt summary could well be that a Tie – an accessory which adds personality to an outfit can well be the inspiration around which your entire attire is dictated to by its patterns.