Top Trends & Styles of Women’s Belts in 2012

Pants, denims, formal skirts, high waist shorts and tuxedos are some outfits that look really incomplete without a belt. Belts certainly add to your glamor statement.

Did you know belts have been trending since the Bronze period?

Although belts started off as accessories for men, they were rapidly incorporated by women in their dressing. They add that extra sheen to your dull outfits. Although their core purpose is to hold up your outfit and give it a tight fitting, this accessory is so irresistibly stylish.

Just imagine, wearing a short white tube dress for a beach party in contrast to a short white tube dress with a slim pink belt. This ensemble sounds just perfect. Are you already imagining yourself dressed up, wearing thee pretty pink belt? OK, I have more info for you. Come back from your dreams and let me take you through the trending pattern of belts in 2012 to help you look stylish and gorgeous.

Top patterns of Women’s Belts 2012

1.     Leather belts

Not many girls are quite appealed by the idea of leather. But girls, the top designers can obviously not go wrong. So, if their new collection says leather, Leather it is! Leather belts are firm and reliable which provide your outfit with great fitting. ‘Leather belts’ sounds very dull, giving you an image of a black colored belt? However, today leather belts are available in attractive colors and with classic buckles. These belts have certainly caught the eye of fashion lovers.

 2.     Jewellery studded belts

Glamorous girls and women, we know that you love to wear this accessory with your outfits. This belt has been seen trending since the last decade. Stones, metallic embellishments, beads, a pinch of gold or silver studs are used to design these belts. Jewellery belts were a part of the Vogue fashion belts 2012 and this is certainly one style you must incorporate in your wardrobe.

3.    Faux Fur belts

This is my personal favorite style. I was introduced to this style very recently by the Louis Vitton fashion collection 2012. And, trust me, this is one of the coolest styles I have brought myself to carry off. Fur belts look attractive in shades of reds, whites and browns. These belts look very chic and elegant if you can carry them off with élan which I’m sure you can.

4.     Wide Belts

Wide belts make your outfits look more youthful and peppy. They also add prominence to a simplistic and dull outfit making it absolutely appropriate to wear at a party. These belts are available in multi coloured patterns.

 5.     Side buckled belts

This trend has been carried off from the last year’s collection. So, if you were keeping a touch of last year’s fashion world, I’m sure you have one of these in your wardrobe. Now girls the thing with side buckled belt is what you wear this belt with. These belts usually look best with fitted denims and high waist shorts. So if you are going for that special date wear this ensemble and you are sure to never go wrong!

  1. Scarf belts

 Did anyone ever mention that scarfs were meant to be tied around to your neck? I guess, no. Wondering why do I ask so? This new trend has made me go all gaga over it. It’s the newest incorporation in the wardrobe of the fashion lovers and looks awesome. Tie a scarf belt on a summery day with your strap tops. Or tie a fur scarf belt with your over coats in winters and you are going to create an impression with this style!



  1. Velvet belts

Velvets look really hot if worn with the appropriate attire and accessorized well. Velvet belts are available in the coolest colors which have made them an instant hit with women this season. All you girls can go crazy over the pinks, yellows, oranges, reds, silvers and whites. Certainly a must have!

  1. Tassels belts

In the past when the buckled belt was not introduced yet, girls would just tie this up around their waist for a super hot and chic look. Well girls, this look is back. So if your mum has been a fashion lover just like you, dig into her wardrobe and you’re sure to find a tassel belt to adorn your waist.

  1. Skinny belts

Girls, skinny belts make your waist appear smaller than it really is. So, if you are petite, wear this belt to make your waist look super slim and sexy. And if you’re voluptuous, you get what you’re looking for, a waist that looks slimmer than it really is! These belts look great in bright neon colors. Pick them up in a dozen colors – pink, red, orange, neon blue, green and more.

 Here it is ladies. Belt – your favorite accessory in the most fashionable styles of this season. You will surely not go wrong with your outfit if you keep these little knick knacks in mind.

So, what are you waiting for? Go belt shopping girls!