Meet the Waves with Glam and Oomph – Trendiest Beach Bags of 2012

Wow! Look at that! This is what the onlookers will say when you carry your trendiest beach bag this season. We warn you well in advance, go for it only if you are ready for the whole shift of attention from you to that piece of baggage!

We, the clan of insatiable souls, always need every piece of our attire to be perfect. You have a dazzling coral necklace, a pair of delicate dangling stone earrings and colorful flip flops to go with your beach wear; but can you imagine yourself without a beach bag? Certainly not! The hottest beach bag trends are here to rock the Spring Summer 2012 fashion extravaganza. Let’s walk you through the voguish assortment, while you decide the oomph quotient of each enviable beach bag.

  • The Beach-Ready Tote

This fashionable beach tote bag meticulously blends the scarf print very much in vogue this year with the elemental straw material. Not only does it look chic, but also will it stand strong in the face of the warm sun, the sand almost everywhere around and the playful, salty sea water. This beach bag will look great with a scarf print swimwear or any loud print or color. So go for it before someone else does and be all set to strike the shore!

Beach Ready Tote

  • The Jute Beach Bag

This was one of the most stunning masterpieces that wowed the audience at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Show for swimwear and accessories held at Miami this year. Its simplicity and the trait to be a wonderful contrasting accessory with almost any beachwear are unique to this beach bag. The over-sized bag is just perfect for all of you who just don’t find enough space to carry all your beach essentials at one go. The leopard print on the conveniently long handle screams out loud about the bag’s high fashion quotient and that it wouldn’t come for a pittance! An elegant, comfortable and glamorous beach bag, a must-have for the ones on the fashion front!

Jute Beach Bag

  • Tasseled Beach Bag

You carry it and everyone around knows that you are on the beach certainly for some fun. A right combination of style and exuberance, this dramatic Cia Martima beach bag with its tassels is perfect for all of you with a playful personality. So flaunt your fun side and spread cheer all around with your presence on the shoreline.

 Tassled Beach Bag

  • Printed Beach Bag

So, like me, are you a bold print lover? This fashion season has come up with some very trendy printed beach bags. There are floral, animal and tropical prints designed for a great beach outing. This funky green print on the tan bag will add magnetic charm to a contrasting swim suit or bikini. The attractive ethnic wooden bangles are just right to complete the beach look.

 Printed Beach Bag

  • Organized Beach Bag

Simple looks, high on function! That’s what this bag is! I am too finicky about organizing my stuff, and for me, holidaying on the beach is no excuse for being disorganized! This beach bag is inevitable for all of us who have traits of an OCD or are nearing it! Jokes apart; this bag has a multitude of pockets, both inside and on the outer side. Carry it along for a hassle-free beach experience if simplicity is your mantra and if you need every little thing to be at its assigned place all the time.

Organized Beach Bag

  • Colorful Beach Bag

More than a bag, it gives the feel of a basket, perfect for a colorful beach experience! Woven in the prettiest of colors, this hand-made beach bag looks delicate, but is extremely sturdy with its plastic handles gripping the bag from both the sides. Your beach towel, swimwear, cover-ups, sun-tan lotion and all those beach accessories will fit in conveniently. The bag will definitely bring out the differenct facet of your personality.

 Colorful Beach Bag

  •  Beach Party Clutch

We know that partying hard will be on your agenda while you hit the coastline. This hip nightlife clutch from Jimmy Choo was designed for all those party lovers to carry their essentials, without adding a tinge of load on your shoulders. The acrylic clutch with its bold surfer print is created to suit all the happening and adventurous women on their beach night-out.

While the sun plays hide and seek, you simply will not stop getting attention with a trendy beach bag around you all the time. Even though you don the perfect swimsuit, with perfect footwear and ornaments, your beach attire will be sort of unfinished without one of these this season. With hundreds of beach bags to choose from, online and in stores, we are sure you will find the one that suits your taste.

Beach Party Clutch

With beach bags by your side,

Perk up your persona at the seaside.