A Sneak Peek at the Trendiest Handbags for Fall Winter 2012-13

Fashion is all about making a statement. And fashion therefore lies in the details. If you think fashion is restricted solely to clothes, you are mistaken.

The various accessories like bags, shoes, scarves, jewellery and every other tiny detail that forms a part of your total look comes under the ambit of fashion. You could wear the trendiest clothes, but if your shoes or bags are ‘not with it’, your glamour quotient comes crashing down. Unfair, but true and anyway, no one said fashion (or life for that matter) is fair.

Handbags as Fashion Accessories

Yes it is true that something as mundane and routine as your handbag can be a powerful fashion accessory. This is because handbags are an important part of everyday life.

Whether you carry a laptop bag with important documents to work or a tiny clutch to hold your make–up essentials when you head for a night out or if you are a mum who just needs to add that extra crayon to the bag (heaven knows THAT crayon has immense tantrum potential) the handbag is at your side (literally) always. So why not use the handbag to transform your look from plain Jane to dazzling diva? Follow these trends that are fresh off the ramps to do just that.

The Trendiest Handbags for Fall /Winter 2012-13

  1. Functional Roomy Handbags

All you busy ladies out there can breathe a sigh of relief. As you struggle to juggle work, school and shopping, you need is a huge bag, to dump anything and everything that you will need throughout the day. And luckily for you oversized, roomy handbags are a big trend this season.

Roomy handbag trend – Variety of colours and patterns are available to choose as per your taste.


  1. Stylish Tiny Handbags

No wonder people find fashion confusing. Close on the heels of the roomy handbags trends, the tiny handbags were also seen aplenty on ramps. These stylish bags are ideal for romantic dates, when you just want to carry your phone and lipstick.  And you can always think of creative uses for them. How about clipping one to your belt (with change) when you go for your daily run? Maybe you can take the bus back home!

Tiny handbags can be plain, colourful or embellished.


  1. Embroidered Handbags

Embroidery on handbags can lend an elegant and sophisticated look. Embroidery on strap handbags and clutches are very trendy this fall/winter season.


Versace embroidered and quilted shoulder bag


  1. Material Trends for Handbags in Fall/Winter 2012-13 – Leather and Fur

Leather and fur being obvious winter choices for apparels make their way into the accessories section too.

Both fur and leather handbags have a luxurious look and add immensely to the style quotient. Fur bags perhaps veer more towards a glamorous look (as seen on the red carpet and special events), while the leather handbags are associated more with a sharp professional look. In any case, both handbags are winners this season.


On your way to work, Miss?  Leather handbags 2012/13


  1. Colour Trends for Handbags in Fall/Winter 2012-13

Colours are getting bold this season. So break free from the monotonous browns and blacks, while you can. You never know, the trend may change again next season.

Blinded by bright? Coach Fall 2012 collection             


  1. Clutches Trends

Clutches are a universal trend that remains popular in all seasons, summer or winter.  A huge variety of clutches – plain embellished and colourful was presented on the ramp for the forthcoming fall/winter season.

Clutch trends 2012-13

 So swing that bag girl, and step out in style.