Cyclic Fashion Trends & Top 5 Trends for Men’s Sweaters for Winter 2012-13

Fashion trends they say and we know, are cyclic.

Just as fashion trends in 2010 were a large scale revival of 1980s austerity era and militarist interwar fashion, so too 2012 fashions trends are believed to be inspired by the early 1990s.

Comeback trends included cargo pants, tartan style over shirts, combat boots, baggy jeans and more.

While casual fashion punk music inspired aesthetics continue to hold sway in certain communities, colours like Navy blue, dark green, grey, red, khaki and white are back.

Men’s Sweater Trends Inspired by the Popular Modern Genres

  • Bright colours with retro styles – Neon colours skinny jeans, hoodies and T shirts, with skinny jeans represented this genre. Popular Sweater Trends include Polo and Shawl collar cardigans and cable knit pullovers and turtle neck sweaters.


  • Indie and Hipster – Vintage clothes out of thrift stores and knitted ugly look sweaters are just for starters. Sheepskin and throwback anoraks are popular accessories of this genre. Homemade jewellery and skinny jeans too.


  • Hip Hop – Hip Hop fans prefer oversize sweaters in yellow, red and green, having popularised Polo boots, goggle jackets, acid wash jeans, retro Baseball and Varsity jackets.


  • Steam Punk – A neo Edwardian fashion movement or culture created and inspired by American and Japanese youth. Goggles, respirators, pocket watches with jewellery made of leather, silver or brass are their fashion statements. Dark colours and vintage clothing go well with old baggy pullovers and cardigans.


  • Classic Preppy – is a 1950s Ivy League style. Boat shoes, Sweaters, and Cardigans plus Aran sweaters and Cricket pullovers represent this style.
  • Ivy League Look – evidenced from the clean shaven short hair conservative style. Navy blue blazers, khaki Mackintoshes, polo shirts, baggy jeans were accompanied by golfing sweaters, sweater vests and Aran sweaters.


  • Formal Wear – in UK Edwardian suits with piping, Homburg and Bowler hats, tweed waistcoats, and sleeveless cricket style sweaters best make this fashion statement.


Among the Top 5 Men’s Sweaters the following continue to rule the roost:

  • A three-gauge knit one hundred per cent cotton sweater with patch pockets and front buttons (off white or another light colour of your choice) is an evergreen rage.


The durability and uniqueness of this type, is unquestionable.

  • An all wool cardigan, with larger pockets available in several colours and exotic patterns is the home grown choice.


  • Jumpers complement this range, with variety and panache.



  • Acrylic and Woolen Polo necks continue to provide a sharp finesse to Men’s look and can draw admiring glances from all quarters.


  • Acrylic / Woolen sleeved and sleeveless pullovers while they have their own uniqueness, in white and off-white colours they can easily provide the sporty Cricketing look.