Trendy Celebrity Style Sexy, Gorgeous and Fun Buns

We bring to you some of the best bun styles that your favorite celebrities have been flaunting. Create these stylish buns, show them off and attract the eyeballs.

1) Low Braided Bun

In case you missed noticing the beautiful Kate Middleton donning the low braided bun this summer we have it right here for you. We vociferously opine that this is the style to go for in all the weddings that you’ll be attending this season. Why do we say that? Because the exquisite braided chignon was stylish and had the precise amount of texture and was just so perfect. Our Duchess looked so elegant and classy showing off this look.

2)  Tucked Over Ponytail

Mostly, the looped ponytails come across as a sluggish solution for tying the hair. However, we were truly impressed by Diane Kruger’s chic experimentation with a cute ponytail which looked extremely stylish and sophisticated.

3) Braided Crown

If you’re planning to go for a friend’s wedding, engagement or for that special evening, this braided crown is the perfect way to style your hair.

We have been completely mesmerized by this 360-degree braided headband donned by Sienna Miller, Emma Watson and many other celebrities. If you are thinking, ‘well the braided crown looks really stylish but it seems extremely difficult to create’? Hang on and think again. It isn’t. Let us help you in creating this look.

Apply a small quantity of water to your hair. Thereafter, apply a blob of texturizing gel to your hair. This will help to keep strands from skidding out of the braid. Begin from the top of the right ear, create a French braid of a two-inch partition of your hair in a circular motion around the head till you arrive at the position you started at. Proceed to braid the remaining portions of your hair in a normal plait. Do not forget to lock ends with a transparent elastic. Place this braid on the internal edge of the French braid, and to keep it intact, it is advisable to use bobby pins.

4) French Braided Topknot

Want to look ravishing and different from the rest at the party? Well, we can help you look like the ultimate showstopper with the French Braided Topknot. Make an inverted French braid beneath your topknot and get set to welcome the element of secret surprise and exciting comments. What is more is that, you can get this gorgeous look in less than 5 minutes.

To get this look, all you need to do is to turn over your head down and make a conventional French braid. Begin at the end of your neckline and move up to the crown of your head. After you get to the crown area, tangle your hair into an elevated ponytail. Fasten the ponytail with an expandable band and drape the hair at the bottom and fasten the ends of the hair.

5) French Braided Ponytail

French braiding just above your left ear or the right ear will lend an awesome look to your ponytail, in addition to giving it the added texture. Oh and it’s best to don this hairstyle in unwashed hair due to its existing cluttered texture.

6) Sock Bun

This stunning ballerina chignon attracts many a viewers. Do not worry if you have unresponsive hair strands, for you can still get the exciting sock bun aka ballerina chignon look.

Just google it up and you will arrive at many ways to derive the sock bun look.

But the best way to go about it is the rolling method.

So, all you girls out there, get set to rock the party, the wedding or the engagement evening with these awesome buns and be the head turners.