Summer Trends 2012

Tribal and Aztec for Fashion Lovers in 2012

The runways were what we had our eyes on and they did sizzle when many beautiful models showed up in a must try trend for 2012. Are you a tad bored of the animal or floral prints but the whole concept of prints still appeals to you? Well then, it seems you are not the only print lover around! This year fashion designers are keen on going for the ethnic style prints with a touch of urban beat to it. This makes for a different style but keeps the wearable quotient high.

Give a break to colour blocking and make an attempt to incorporate these tribal and Aztec inspired clothes as well as accessories, just like the rest of the celebrity world. Come on, we have lots to look at!

Loads of Reasons to Compel You to Try This Trend

Indeed, there are plenty of reasons. The first and foremost one is that these ethnic prints are unimaginably colourful to look at and wear too! Just about any shades from bright to eye soothing pastels are perfect options to go for; so much so that you might have trouble deciding on just one! Plus, the interesting patterns and strong designs tribal and Aztec trend is available in (especially brand names such as River Island, Lipsy and Miss Selfridge) are sure to make you the focus of attention and receiver of compliments almost without much of an effort.

Oh did we elaborate on how easy it is for these dominating, tribal or Aztec elements to pull all the attention away from the body areas you are not very confident about (in most cases, the stubborn belly region)?

The bigger patterns on loose fitting tunic or shirts can make you look petite instead of bulky. It’s not just the pattern that does the trick but also the ethnic beads and sequins around the neckline that work in the favour of your silhouette. That helps solve more than one problem without having to step out of the fashion radar. These prints are trendy and in demand because of the light weight, breathable fabric it is available in.

The most important criterion that ensures all age groups are covered in any trend is to make sure that the comfort factor is fully looked into. The breezy look such printed materials provide is cool for the spring and summer season of 2012.

What have Aztec and/or Tribal Prints Touched On?



They can be found anywhere and everywhere from tops, shirts, skirts, maxi style summer dresses, leggings, trousers, pantsuits and blazers! How can the very enticing ethnic looking accessories from bracelets, long pendants, chokers and earrings be missed out? The long list is not done yet. Nail trends with Aztec style as well as hand bags and clutches have not been excluded this year. So, even if it’s not the print clothes you wish to go in for, you can be a participant of this fun trend by letting your nails get some of it.

Quick Tips For 2012


It will be a good move to wear one component of tribal or Aztec touch with disaster proof pastels, dessert colours or black and white. If your dress brings out the ethnic look, do not increase your chances of going overboard by wearing accessories belonging to the same style. The same rule applies vice versa. Be confident enough to wear this trend on other fabrics such as leather or faux fur. Take inspiration from the above image.

More Reason to Welcome this Trend!

Usually the fashion trends introduced are solely focused on women and the poor opposite sex is deprived of young style. But not this year, for tribal and Aztec style featuring circle, ziz zag patterns and triangles have been launched for men too. Both print and weave style are apt for men this year. One of the simplest ways of experiencing a slice of this style is to purchase a pair of patterned shorts in earthy tones.

Strong patterns are kind of reserved for the girls so all you men should be prudent enough to stay clear of such prints.

Enjoy the new trend all year round. You will surely look smashing donning this trend.