Elegant Crystal-studded tribal necklace

Tribal Necklace Trends 2012 – Ooze Raw Oomph This Season?

Fashion is completely in love with tribal accessories this season. A lot of international fashion shows sported interesting animal-print designs, loads of feathery fringing and Africa-inspired accessories. Whether it’s an animal-print outfit, the tribal necklace or the exotically designed heels, the tribal theme is the most modern trend this season.

A tribal necklace is ideal to give you those disco-glam looks. They are a perfect match for bold-colored outfits or adding a primitive stratagem to an otherwise modernized silhouette. Owing to a mishmash of mixed metals and geometric shapes-and when they’re paired with lustrous, straight hair-these dazzling items effortlessly mix raw, supernatural energy, with a certain level of tailored sophistication brimming from their meticulous metalwork and design. The ensuing necklaces have an ingeniously modern look, so it’s no wonder why international style setters can’t stop wearing them!
Tribal ornaments are very attractive and desired by women who like the raw appeal they ooze. A well-designed tribal necklace is sure to unleash the wildness in you. Worn with clothing to match, this piece of jewellery can attract more than expected number of eye-balls.

A tribal necklace can add zing to any simple garment worn and turn your style into a fashion statement.

1)     Tribal Yet Vibrant

This look is quite in and chic this year. Who said tribal only means earthy colors? Adorn your simple garment with this enchanting and vivacious piece of work, and rest assured no one will be able to take their eyes off you!

The extremely voguish metallic flowers in magical colors will set many hearts afire and create THE feeling of ENVY all around you!

 A Vibrant Tribal Necklace

 Vibrant Tribal Necklace

 2)     Enchanting tribal necklaces with beautiful turquoise, corals, resins, beads and coins looks an absolute masterpiece with the simple outfit below. With such an elaborate necklace you do not need to worry about any other accessory in the world. It will make certain that all and sundry keep ogling at this coveted one!

Beads, Coins and Sequins

Beads, Coins and Sequins tribal necklace

 3)     Choose such striking tribal necklace to make a bold style statement. A rare combination of beads, shells, colored stones and the gleaming metal is a complete fashion rule in itself.  You don’t need any words to describe yourself when you are wearing this masterpiece!

Colored Stones and Shells

Colored Stones and Shells Tribal Necklace


4)     This simple yet stunning handmade tribal necklace is sure enough to grab more than a few looks. It is an age of recycling and conserving. This environment-friendly piece of work will turn enough heads as to keep the attention flowing to you!


Simple Handmade

Simple Handmade tribal necklace

 5)      The choker:

This grand choker will be your companion with a cool pair of jeans and tee or with your flowing maxi at the date tonight. Haven’t chokers been always in vogue? And this is the most exotic one you might ever come across. A tribal design on a choker – an ideal ornament for a perfect evening!


The Choker

choker tribal necklace 

6)     This rope necklace makes a striking impact in gold thread with multi-faceted crystals studded in a pendant. This tribal necklace gives a regal look with your prettiest evening gown. The Princess Herself will be jealous of this stunningly elegant master work exquisitely crafted to add everything missing to your look.

  Elegant Crystal-studded tribal necklace

Crystal-studded tribal necklace

 7)     The raw crystal hanging in an antiqued brass chain makes a perfect tribal look. The raw appeal and the simplicity of this stunner will be enough of an evidence of your rich taste.

The Unpolished Crystal

Unpolished Crystal tribal necklace

8)     This is an extremely trendy bib necklace. The gold beads are arranged to form a bib which hangs from a braided black rope. This superb piece combined with any regular outfit will make you stand out from the crowd. An object of sheer glam for you and sheer envy for the rest!


Bib Necklace

Bib Tribal Necklace

 9)     This gives an exact tribal look with the circle hanging from the chain; dropped chains and printed feathers add a stylish flamboyance to your appearance. Feathers are such a clear representation of the unsophisticated tribal look! There are a couple of attention-grabbing feather-based tribal necklaces which will definitely set your pulse racing! They are such amazing pieces of work that you’d want to own them all!

  Feather Necklace

feather tribal necklace


10)  This is a perfect tribal necklace for your next cocktail bash. Two rows of exquisite multifaceted beads, separated by impressed metallic pieces give a contemporary look to this design. Doubled-up chains fasten together at the back are sure to make you look stunning and will wipe out the need for any other accessory.

 The Double-Beaded necklace

Double-Beaded tribal necklace

 Tribal necklaces add a zesty twist to any plain Outfit. Many women are in love with these because they portray various aspects of ancient Egyptian culture.

In ancient Egypt, every design used to have a mystic side to it. Today, tribal necklaces inspire many eminent designers and fashion fanatics around the globe. They impart a traditional, sophisticated and a unique look to the wearer.

Additionally, when paired with a radical hair-do and vampy lips, a tribal necklace imparts a warrior-like look that’s just right for the urban young women.

In a nutshell, a tribal necklace is a right mix of audacity with femininity for a conspicuously fashionable look.