Lingerie Trends 2013

Unleash your Inner Diva with 6 Sexiest Lingerie Trends of 2013

You might want to pretend and wonder, “Does fashionable lingerie really matter?” But, deep inside you know that fashionable lingerie really does make a lot of difference. Lingerie is not only all about the intimacy that you keep concealed below your clothes, that helps you feel confident and sexual about yourself. Lingerie does a lot more besides providing you with comfort and helping you set your assets firmly in their place. They can tickle your imagination and help you tickle someone else’s.

If you are feeling sexy and you want to unleash the inner sexy diva in you, then you’ve got to keep up with these lingerie trends for 2013. Although, there is not much that is completely new and different from the previous years, there are certainly some pieces that are a bit more edgy, trendier and a lot sexier.

So prepare yourself to witness the most intimate inner secrets that we reveal to you today as we present to you the sexiest lingerie trends for 2013.

1. Peasant Style Bras

Peasant blouses and dresses are a style that has gone down well with women in the past and is still quite a lovely trend among many women. 2013 is the year of peasant style bras. So you can either ditch the peasant blouses and dresses and fill your wardrobe with peasant style bras or simply wear them underneath your peasant blouses and dresses.

Lingerie Trends 2013 Peasant style bras come with a “cuteness” factor attached to them. They are available in many colors and prints specifically to suit your needs.

2. Lacy Overcoats 2013

Lace and women sure have a deep intimate connection. Both make each other look extravagantly elegant and beautiful. Lacy overcoats have a sober sex appeal attached to them due to the naughty show of skin that comes along. They add to your overall charm and beauty.

Lace looks great in any color, be it light colors like pink, blue and white or dark ones like blue and black. Lacy overcoats also look wonderful with any pattern. Bow and ribbon embellishments make lacy overcoats look even more feminine.

Lingerie Trends 2013

3. Sheer Overcoats 2013

Sheer overcoats are great for nightwear because of the lightness of the material and the comfort they provide you with. You may choose to wear it with a bra and underwear that goes with the color scheme or you may choose to don it without any layer of clothing underneath it. Either way, sheer overcoats are a very sexy way to define and flaunt your body.

Lingerie Trends 2013

4. Corseted Sleepwear 2013

We know that corseted sleepwear can be really uncomfortable to manage a good night’s rest with it. But who said that sleepwear is only meant for sleeping? 😉

Corseted lingerie gives your body a well defined shape. While there are many ordinary corsets available for you to wear underneath your clothes, you can also opt for sexy ones that are fashioned in different colors, out of lace and have ribbon and bows as embellishments on them.

 Lingerie Trends 2013

In 2013 animal print and floral print corsets are kicking in and having one of these is sure to do you good.

5. Elegant Formal Nightwear

If you want your lingerie to seem like a dress or a gown that you would rather wear to a formal do, then there are plenty of options available for you. The trend of fashionable nightwear is gaining popularity among many women who want to look fashionable even when they go to bed. If you are one of them, then you’re surely in for a treat.

Lingerie Trends 2013

Nightwear running on the lines of evening gowns and cocktail dresses are kicking in and to add the touch of the “lingerie look” to it, it is made to look appealing and sexy with lacy textures.

6. Lacy Bras and Underwear

Lacy Bras and underwear are a favorite among many women and why wouldn’t they be? They are cute, sexy, attractive, intimate, passionate and titillating, all in the same. There can never be just one type of lacy bra or just one type of lacy underwear, and that’s the best part. They can be fashioned in a variety of ways with the use of colors, the mixture of satin, silk and lace, patterns, sheer lace and so much more.

 Lingerie Trends 2013

The use of lingerie can never be substituted for, guess that’s a reason why the trend of fashionable lingerie is gaining popularity because who wouldn’t want to sleep in style? And considering the many purposes that lingerie serves, you sure to have a lot of options to choose from and splurge on.