Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012

Fantasy Meets Fashion at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012

Each time the year draws to an end, one evening that raises everyone’s spirits high is the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The goodbyes that we have to bid to the old year are well balanced with welcoming the sexiest lingerie we may ever see at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

The fashion Show is probably the sexiest that television can get. And when television gives us a chance to look at the hottest models strutting in the hottest lingerie, merged with a lot of music and musical acts, who would want to miss it?

2012 brings to you this sexy night of fashion once again. Though all the action was witnessed live in November 2012, television showcased this event on the night of 4th December 2012.

Victorias Secret Fashion Show 2012

The “Angels” (models) at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012 displayed their stuff in the sexiest lingerie by handling every move and every look of theirs with utmost grace, making it quite an aesthetically visual sight to watch.

The angels strutted in the latest Victoria’s Secret lingerie collection for the upcoming year. The angels included Miranda Kerr, Victoria’s Secret favorite angel, Lindsey Ellingson, Adriana Lima, Barbara Palvin, Cameron Russel and many more up and coming models. The artists who filled the evening with music with their brilliant performances were Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars.

If you watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show every year without fail, you are probably already aware of Victoria’s secrets, but if this is your first time, get ready for Victoria to spill her sexiest secrets to you.

1. Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is one angel who stands out every year at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show and she did so this year too.

Miranda Kerr at the Victoria secret fashion show

She strutted fearlessly with grace and poise each time she stepped on the ramp and stunned us the most with a white and black lacy bikini, a dazzling pink glittering bikini and an emerald green star studded one piece torso suit. The model showed off her fabulous body along with her skill of ramp-walking in heavy angel wings with sky high stilettos without flinching even a bit.

2. Adriana Lima

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012 showcased a variety of themes on one single night. The first one being “Circus” theme that kicked off with an amazing start with model Adriana Lima leading the way. Adriana was dressed in a shiny black bikini top with high waist underwear and she donned a long glittering red and gold cape over it, with white gloves and a magician’s hat in her hand. The model topped up her look which knee length black and gold boots.

Victoria Secret 2012


3. Circus Theme

The Circus theme section of the show revealed jeweled corsets, polka dotted underwear, striped bikinis, barely there thongs, loud colors and circus props sported by the stunning models.

Circus Themed Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012

4. Doutzen Kroes

The “Dangerous Liaisons” section of the show began with Rihanna’s performance of her song “Diamonds.” Rihanna wore a shiny corseted gown in black with a thigh high slit. She completed her look with black long lace gloves, pearl and black sunglasses, a pearl choker necklace and black boots.

Dancing to Rihanna’s tunes was model Doutzen Kroes who ruled the stage with Rihanna as she performed. Doutzen wore a bluish white see through bikini with black stockings and horizontal and vertical straps dangling from her body.

Rihanna and Doutzen Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012

5. Dangerous Liaisons Theme

The Dangerous Liaisons section of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012 showcased models in lacy lingerie with their signature angel wings.

Dangerous Liaisons Theme victoria secrets fashion show 2012


6. Calendar Girls Theme

As the models walked down the ramp for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012 for the Calendar Girls section, the lucky ladies were serenaded by Bruno Mars. This section showcased 12 models walking down the runway to resemble each month of the year.

Bruno Mars & The Calandar Girls

 7. Pink Ball Theme

The Pink Ball theme section of the show gave newly single singer Justin Bieber a meaty chance to flirt with the Victoria’s Secret models while singing to them as they rocked the ramp. The outfits that dominated the Pink Ball theme section of the show included candy colored lingerie along with hooded sweatshirts from the Victoria’s Secret PINK Collection.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012 Pink Ball Theme


8. Silver Screen Angels Theme

It was lucky Bruno Mars who got to perform for the second time on stage for the Silver Screen Angels section of the show, which won thundering applause for being the most glamorous theme of the evening. The angels walked on the runway dressed in diamond encrusted lingerie with beads and feathers.

Rihanna was the last artist to perform for the evening with the song “Fresh off the Runway” dressed as a vision in pink. Rihanna wore a light pink bra and high waist briefs over which she wore a light pink robe. Sticking to the theme of the pink ball, she also wore a light pink hooded sweatshirt which she tied around her waist, completing her look with light pink booties.

Rihanna at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012

As all good things have to come to an end, the Victoria’s secret fashion show had a splendid curtain call, where all the models for the evening walked the ramp in leafy lingerie, donned with floral wings. Although you might take it for a green earth theme with flowers in full bloom, the angels looked more like nature’s princesses; sexy and beautiful fairies.

Floral Greens at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012

Miranda Kerr topped it up a notch for the finale with her ever so famous 2.5 million dollar bra and she blew everyone’s hearts and minds away with a wink and a kiss straight into the camera.

Million Dollar Bikini

Looks like among the men at the event, Justin Bieber sure had a productive time with the fun he seemed to have with the models backstage.

Another successful Victoria’s Secret Fashion show drew to a closure with a thunderous applause from the audience as all the models and performers took their final bow for the Victoria’s secret Fashion show 2012.

Finale Victoria Secret Fashion show 2012

 We cannot really call the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show a regular fashion show. The fantasy, fashion and glamor are too extraordinary as compared to any other fashion show, anywhere else on earth.

Where else would you find lingerie and bedroom wear studded with diamonds, gold, crystals, stones and silver and paired up with six inch heels and dazzling angel’s wings? And where else would diamond encrusted bras and underwear make sense besides the Victoria’s Secret Fashion runway?

You’ve got to give it to Victoria for her charming and fantastic collection of inner wear, which you probably will never wear inside anything. Why hide something so gorgeous?