Wedding Band Trends 2013

Wedding Band Trends 2013: Seal the Deal with the most Gorgeous Wedding Bands

Is your big day quickly arriving on 2013’s calendar? Then we are sure you must be gearing up with excitement preparing for it so that everything is perfect.

Have you chosen your wedding bands yet? As you know, your band is the most important element of your wedding ceremony because it is that object that seals the deal between you and your loved one; that one object that symbolizes the eternal love that you and your spouse will share for the rest of your lives. So it goes without saying that your wedding bands need to be as perfect as your wedding ceremony and reception.

Wedding Band Trends 2013

So if you are on the quest to find the perfect band, then we are here to help you. Lined up for you are the most fabulous wedding band trends of 2013, trust us; it cannot get better than this. We can assure you that you will find what you came looking for.

Silver / White Gold / Platinum Diamond Encrusted Wedding Bands

White metal and diamonds complement each other perfectly, much like you and your spouse. So if you are opting for white metal wedding bands, then encrusting it with diamonds is not only a pretty option but also a fashionable one, considering the trend of white metal diamond encrusted rings for 2013.

Although your husband may not really appreciate diamonds on his ring, he may opt for an engraved ring or one with a self imprinted design on it that makes it look like a pair from the ‘his and hers’ collection of wedding bands.

Platinum Diamond Wedding Band Trends 2013

You could also opt for wedding bands that form a design when put together, much like the one below. Half the diamond encrusted heart on the wife’s ring and the other half of the heart engraved on the husband’s ring, thus forming a complete heart when brought together, just like you and your better half complete and complement each other.

Wedding Band Trends 2013 And if you feel that your husband will be game for a diamond encrusted wedding band, then here is the perfect wedding band for you both; a wider circumference for the husband and a narrower one for the wife, with the very same cut and design on both.


Gold Wedding Bands

If you and your better half have settled on the decision to go with gold wedding bands, then there is some more decision making to do. What wedding ring pattern to go with? Here are a few trendy designs that you can choose from.

Since there are some couples who like to keep it simple, here is a simple gold ring and the best part about it is that it is the easiest expression of love with a touch of shining sparkle to it. Gold always shines, doesn’t it?

Gold Wedding Band Trends 2013

If you have enough spark in your relationship and want to avoid it on your ring, then you can opt for gold matt finish wedding bands.

Matt Finish Gold Wedding Band Trends 2013

And if diamonds are your best friend, then here is one fabulous piece in gold encrusted with diamonds, for both you love birds.

 Diamond encrusted Gold Wedding Band Trends 2013

Gold and Silver Wedding Bands

If you and your ‘spouse to be’ have been arguing about choosing between silver and gold or if both of you really cannot chose between the two precious metals, then you might as well go with both and give that one wedding band, the dual touch of silver and gold. Gold and Silver Wedding Bands are quite unique and are also quite popular among unique wedding band designs for 2013 because most couples opt for either one metal. But here is your chance to make your wedding day more special by gracing your fingers with a dual metal wedding band.

Gold and Silver Wedding Band Trends 2013 You also get wedding bands with a white metal finish on the outside and gold finish on the inside or you can also have it the other way around.

Silver and Gold Wedding Band Trends 2013And if either of you like only one metal, which obviously contradicts with the other’s choice, you can always opt for white and gold metal wedding bands, with the desired choice of metal to either partner.

 Wedding Band Trends 2013

You can always take ideas from these patterns and designs given to you above and have them custom made for you in any metal of your choice, be it rose gold or bronze or even encrusted with precious stones like rubies, sapphires or emeralds. However, traditionally, wedding bands are either fashioned out of gold, platinum or silver metal with or without diamonds embedded onto the surface.

So have you found the perfect wedding bands for your big day? What! What did you say? You liked all? Oh we knew it. Good luck with the wedding! And may these eternal love bands always bring you lots of love and happiness for an eternity in your married life.