Top 10 Wildest Wedges for Spring 2013

Welcome to the season of the wedge ladies! That’s right, the wedge has made a fierce comeback and while we all seem to be a obsessed with the ‘wedge’ sneaker, there are plenty of other styles we’re loving. From the extreme to the McQueen, wait, that’s exactly the same thing isn’t it?! Wedges are proving to be one of the hottest styles of the season, so toss aside those boring old flats and give yourself a little lift with these wild wedges!

Alexander McQueen

 1) Steve McQueen Plexiglass Open Toe Wedge

Moto-mama meets saucy street queen in these super fab Steve McQueen wedges. Who needs ankle accessories in this get-up? Pair with a sexy mini, a fitted leather crop and silk Dolce Gabbana bandana from their Spring 2013 collection.

Belstaff Wedges

2) Belstaff Leather Wedge

Ohhh Belstaff, the epitome of British luxury, how can you not go a little ga-ga over these supple leather beauties?


3) Dolce & Gabbana Sicilian Sandals

Dolce & Gabbana’s vibrant Spring 2013 collection takes us back to the ‘Old Country’. These beautiful Romanesque wedges are more a work of art than anything else!


4) Burberry Prorsum Kelly Green Python Wedges

You’re certainly not in Kansas any more with these gorgeous green wedges, but they would certainly be what you’d want to wear as you sashayed into the Emerald City!


5) Emilio Pucci Dragon Wedges

No Top 10 Wedge List would be complete without paying homage to Emilio Pucci’s exquisite Dragon Wedges. Carved from ivory, these are certainly not the most politically correct wedges, but they are undeniably breathtaking!

6) Prada

What would spring be without a slew of eye-popping, gossip-starting, over-the-top designs from Prada? Moon-boot meets-Geisha Girl in this interesting wooden wedge.

7) Camilla Skovgaard Textured Leather Sculpture Wedges

Ever wonder what it would be like to teeter around like a giraffe? Throw on a Camilla Skovgaard design and you’ll get the gist of it! Famous for her use of rubber and exaggerated heels, we tip our hats off to any designer who can put us six inches closer to the heavens above and give us legs for miles at the same time!

8) Pierre Hardy Polka Dot Contrast Wedges

There’s one word that comes to mind upon first seeing these wedges, fun! Don’t they just make you want to get all dolled up in the most darling sundress you can find and spend an afternoon meandering around town with your girlfriends?
Kibo9) Kibo by Rupert Sanderson

What’s spring without a delicious punch of color? Rupert Sanderson has long been known for his genius at contrasting prints, creating depth and the illusion of texture.

10) Guiseppe Zanotti Gold Heel Wedge Sneakers

Ah yes, the controversial sneaker wedge. The truth is, you either love it or you hate it, but no matter the opinion, it is without question, one of the hottest wedge designs of the season.  Guiseppe Zanotti is the mastermind behind this design, and if they’re good enough for Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj, it’d be a fashion crime not to include them!