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People Judge your Personality by the Type of Shoes You Wear. What do your shoes say?

Do you often hear people say ‘you can judge a person’s personality by their clothes? Did you know that just the way your clothes reflect your personality, your shoes too speak volumes about your style, approach to fashion, tidiness, meticulousness and so much more.

 Psychologists at the University of Kansas articulate that people can precisely judge ninety percent of a person’s personality merely by glancing at the person’s shoes. In a report published in the Journal of Research in Personality, psychologists said ‘shoes provide useful rationale, and nonverbal signs with representative significance’.


 The researchers also opined that there are several thorough personality characteristics that your shoes portray. Eager to know what they are?

Well let’s not keep you waiting. So here’s the first list:

1) People can determine your age by gauging your shoes

 2) Experts can also judge your income approximately by looking at the shoes you’re wearing

 3) People can also assess the level of your emotional strength


 There are several other aspects and traits that we’ll focus on during the course of this post. But for now, let us take you to what the main examiner Omri Gillath has to say about ‘how people arrive at such judgments as the ones mentioned above’.


Omri Gillath explained that the opinions are made depending on the pattern and style of shoes you’re wearing, the price, shade and the look of your shoes.

So, What Do Your Shoes Say about Your Personality?

Here are some findings:

1) Flashy shoes are generally sported by extroverts.

2) Ankle boots are more strongly worn by those having “aggressive” personality.

3) By the way, according to this study if you happen to own a lot of new pairs of footwear and tend to take extreme care of your shoes, it is professed that you may possibly be suffering from “attachment disorder”. This is in our opinion is a bit of an exaggeration though. Don’t take this one at its face value.

Nevertheless, let us move on from the findings of the study to the observations that fashion stylists make about your personality traits by looking at your shoes.

Fashion Stylists’ Opinion:


Do you adore stilettos? Are you blushing at the mere mention of stilettos? Aah! There you are. Well then let us tell you something about your personality and what your love for stilettos shows:

You are a stunning, extraordinary and flamboyant person who loves being the center of attraction. You can be impulsive and a tad spoilt, however you generally get what you set your mind and eyes on. You are convinced about your sex appeal and pretty comfortable being in your skin.


Are you a lover of loafers? And do you like oxford footwear too? If yes, then you are someone who prefers not to reveal their actual feelings and keep them hiding in the depths of your heart and mind. And you have strong determination for you accomplish your objectives, come what may.


Do you prefer wearing flats at almost every other occasion? If yes, then read on to know what fashionistas say about your personality. You are by and large very sweet and welcoming. You endeavor to appear more of an extrovert but you barely let strangers become too friendly with you. Speaking of your fashion sense, stylists say that you are likely to have an inclination towards buying and flaunting a lot of new clothes. And you are very understanding.

Biker Boots

You are reticent and perhaps snobbish too. Even though you don’t trust people easily and like doing things in your own way, you are stylish, elegant and caring.


So what characteristics do wedges-preferring women have?

You are frank, self-assured and like to take command over things.

Sports Shoes

If you find yourself often choosing sporty shoes from a wide variety of other options, take our word for it – you are artistic and outgoing. You enjoy traveling and have a constant urge to go out, take a trip and discover places.

Although we all feel comfortable wearing the same type of shoes every day, we still like to keep experimenting, don’t we? And that’s probably why you have so many different types of shoes in your shoe cabinet.

By the way, don’t take every aspect of this article extremely seriously, as these are generalizations formed by researchers in the first part of the article and fashion experts in the second part of the article.

However, don’t you feel you do relate to some of the traits above? Do you?

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