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5 Big No-Nos: What not to Wear in Spring 2013

The winter chill is still pretty prominent in the weather and we haven’t ditched our winter clothes as yet, but we all will soon make a “spinter” transition from winter into spring and we’ve got to be prepared for it with some fabulous clothes for spring.

We know you must be taking a lot of trouble to go through every possible fashion website, blog and magazine there is to update yourself with what’s in, hot and happening for spring 2013, but do you know all that is not in, hot and happening this spring? Today we are here to keep you updated with all those fashion items that are not fashionable in spring 2013.

So once the sun begins to shine even brighter and the days get longer, you may feel the urge to go shop a lot and have some fun in the sun, but here are some pieces that you should resist buying for spring 2013.

1. Leg Warmers and Gloves

With the onset of spring comes the time to ditch your leg warmers and gloves. Not only are they a mismatch with spring and best kept for winter, but even if you are trying to add a twist to spring fashion by bringing an element of winter into it, leg warmers and gloves are a complete no-no for spring 2013. What Not To Wear in Spring

2. Jammies Styled Clothing

There was a time when wearing pajamas in public was quite a cool thing to do, but it isn’t any more. So if you were planning to wear pajamas or pajama styled outfits when you take to the streets, then we best hope that we help change your mind. Pajamas are meant only for bed and are not an item of fashion to strut about in public with it, not only for spring 2013, but the whole year through.

What Not To Wear in Spring

3. Pale Blue Denims

Ever since denims have been invented, they have revolutionized a countless number of times, so it really isn’t fashionably right to go back to wearing pale blue denims once again as the trend was when the fashion had newly erupted and resurfaced a few years back. Pale blue denims are best kept for winter. Spring is about bright colors and freshness, making pale blue denims a fashion faux pas for spring 2013.

What Not To Wear in Spring

4. Light Toned Blazers

The surroundings come alive in the months of spring and you ought to make good use of this opportunity to reflect those bright colors in your wardrobe as well. And so we stress on this fashion tip that you’ve got to ditch the light colored elements in your wardrobe. Well, not everything that’s pale for sure, but you must keep aside all the dull and light colored blazers to be in sync with the fashion trends of spring 2013.

What Not To Wear in Spring 5. Scarves

Scarves really work well to enhance your overall image and they can even lift up a failing outfit; however, scarves are best kept for autumn and winter, because they make for a perfect winter look. Wearing a scarf in spring is pretty much equal to wearing miniskirts and noodle strap t-shirts in winter. So we hope you’ve got the correlation and have decided against wearing scarves in spring, no matter how good they look.

What Not To Wear in Spring

So that’s it from us on what not to wear this spring 2013. We hope you have enjoyed this article and are inspired to stay fashionable by ditching those items that should not be worn. So good luck and go live it up fashionably in 2013.

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