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What to Expect in Winter Coats Trends for Men in 2012-13

If you believe that fashion is always women-centric, you are most mistaken. Women’s fashion trends may dominate the news (for one reason or another), but the fashion scene for men is alive and kicking. Right now, top notch designers across the world are putting together the exclusive looks that will dominate men’s fashion in Fall/Winter 2012-2013.

Today, let us focus on an important part of your overall winter ensemble – your coat. For those of you, who are confused between a coat and a jacket – a coat is an overcoat and is longer. A jacket is an undercoat and shorter in length (upto the thighs).

A functional clothing item in winter, the coat keeps you warm. By following these trends, you can make sure that you are not only warm, but stylish and sophisticated too. So boys, fasten your seat belts and welcome to the world of fashion.

The Top Trends in Winter Coats for Men in 2012-13

  1. The Vintage 40’s Coat Trend

Bring back the classical look and feel of the 40’s wear the coats with central belts. Personally, this trend reminds me of Sherlock Holmes going on one of his quests on a rain soaked dreary winter evening. The fact that the overall colour theme of this trend was restricted to neutral tones may have contributed to the above mental image.

Go ‘classic’ with the vintage coat trends 2013

  1. Bomber Coats Trend

An apparel derived from the bomber jacket, used by pilots in war for added protection and warmth, the bomber coat returns in vogue in 2013 after a brief hiatus. Note that the bomber coat trends in 2013 move away from regular monotonous colours and veer towards bright colours and patterns. Jean Paul Gaultier and Moschino were amongst the designers who showcased this trend on the ramp.

Colours and patterns aplenty in bomber coats this season

  1. The Cape Trends

Perhaps it is the effect of superheroes (Spiderman and Batman) unleashed on us of late, cape trends are back in a big way for men’s winter coats this season. (Yes, yes. I know, neither actually sported a cape, but the cape is an integral part of the original superhero – Superman’s costume. So perhaps, the designers made a connection. Obviously, I don’t know for sure).

The cape trends for winter 2013 are stylish and sophisticated. The range of materials is diverse including rugged leather, fine cashmere and winter worthy woollens.


Become a ‘superhero’ with these stylish capes this winter


  1. Military Style Coat Trends

The crisp lines and perfect fits of the military uniforms have long inspired men’s fashion. This season too the military style coats were seen in abundance on the ramp, standing out in their distinctive olive green colours. Subtle hints of grey and steel further enhanced the ‘power quotient’ of these coats.

Military coats on a mission this winter

 It is often said ‘clothes maketh the man’. And in winter, the only clothes people are actually going to see are your coats. Follow these trends and you are all set to look hot in those cold winter months.