Italian Fashion Trends

What to Wear in Italy – A Look at the Italian Fashion Trends

Italy is one of the nerve centers of world fashion with the Milan Fashion Week being considered a significant event in the fashion industry. Italian fashion trends influence fashion worldwide. Fashionistas wait with bated breath every season to see the forthcoming trends previewed in Italy because these trends will most likely become the top fashion trends for the season all over the world.

Italy and Fashion- the Connection

There are two things about Italy one can’t ignore- Italian food and Italian fashion. Italy is the land of pasta and also the land of Prada.

Some of the most famous luxury fashion brands have their origins in Italy- Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Valentino, to name a few. And some of the world’s most renowned and creative fashion designers are Italians- Roberto Cavalli, Giorgio Armani and the Versace siblings to name just four.

It is almost as if fashion is seeped into the very essence of Italy as a nation. Little wonder then that Italians are amongst the most fashionable people in the world and Italian clothing trends are at all times chic, elegant and sophisticated.

If you think of the famous Godfather movie, what stands fresh in memory is the exquisite dress sense of each of the characters.

Your Interest in Italian Fashion Trends

Your interest in Italian trends may be because you are traveling to Italy in the near future and don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb amongst the locals and be readily identifiable as a tourist. Or perhaps you are interested in Italian fashion trends because you know that Italy is the leading fashion capital and by following the Italian clothing trends, you can never ever make a fashion faux pas.

Italian Clothing Trends for Women

Italian women believe in keeping their ensemble simple yet elegant. Women are always always well dressed in well fitted clothes. Yes, even in early morning pre-school drop-offs, you will rarely find a mom slovenly attired in jeans and an oversize sweat shirt.

With respect to the key trends for women, the focus is on keeping the look semi-formal to formal at all times.

(a) Jeans

Italian belles love their jeans, but not the baggy over sized varieties. Italian jeans are invariably skinny and extremely well fitted. Jeans are most often paired with blouses and smart tops and rarely T-shirts. Tank tops are also popular in Italy.

Italian Fashion Trends

(b) Skirts and Dresses

A-line and pencil skirts that lend grace to the feminine form are popular Italian clothing trends for women.  And the little black dress occupies place of pride in every Italian woman’s wardrobe.

This is how real women on the streets in Italy look.

Italian Fashion Trends

An important fashion accessory for Italians (men and women) is the sunglasses, irrespective of whether the sun is blazing or not.

Italian Fashion Trends for Women 2013

The trends for women in 2013 have evolved keeping the mind the basic premise of Italian fashion for women- elegance, grace and focus on femininity.

In its spring/summer 2013 collection, Prada for instance brought out the floral motif predominantly in their designs.


Moschino on the other hand, focused on making the ladies look sexy with their short and sizzling mini dresses and scorching black and white themes on the ramp.

Italian Fashion Trends

 Italian Fashion Trends for Men

(a) Well Fitted Clothes at All Times

Italian clothing trends for men focus single mindedly on one aspect – the right fit.  Irrespective of their shape and size (well, not everyone can have six packs) Italian men will scoff at trousers, shirts and jacket that don’t fit right.

One of your best Italian fashion tips is to make sure that your shirt shoulder seam sits at the perfect joint of your arm and shoulder. Anything even slightly below is ‘too big’ and ill fitting.

Italian men wear pants and trousers neatly hemmed and falling just below the ankle. Naturally such precision fits are possible only via customized tailoring. Rarely will a ready made outfit meet such specifications. Most Italian men, you will find, have tailor, they have been going to, since they were ‘so high’.

 Male Italian Fashion Trends


(b) An Infusion of Color

Though black is a popular color in Italian fashion trends (for both men and women), the Italian men do not shy away from exuberant colors in their wardrobe. It is perhaps an innate sense of style that gives them the confidence that they can carry it off and of course they do carry off colored outfits with panache and élan.

(c) Accessories and Footwear

The pocket square is an important accessory for the Italian man. And if you are unsure of your abilities to carry off a colored wardrobe, you can infuse a bit of color and creativity into your pocket square.

Footwear trends for Italian men predominantly revolve around classic leather shoes and boots with the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship.


For a more casual look, loafers without socks are preferred. Flip-flops are a complete no-no in Italy. Wear them only if you don’t mind looking like a tourist.

Italian Fashion Trends for Men 2013

On the runways in Milan the Spring/Summer 2013 collections for men were in line with the core Italian fashion themes. Gucci for instance, presented well fitted colored suits.

Colored Suits Italian Fashion Trends

Note particularly the matching striped tie and the white shoes.

Dolce and Gabbana brought out the informal trends for men with their Sicily themed collection. An abundance of prints and designs, if you ever wondered how “these Italian men” are able to sweep women off their feet with apparent ease, this collection should answer that question.

 Italian Fashion

Italy is one of the most romantic places on earth and fittingly it is one of the most fashionable places on earth. Now whether it is the romance that inspires fashion or whether fashion inspires romance is a never ending debate. But the truth is – it does not matter.

Follow these Italian fashion trends and have your fill of style and romance, whether you are in Italy or anywhere else in the world. For in fashion, Italy leads and the world follows.