Dresses for Spring Weddings

What to Wear To a Spring-Summer Wedding? Choose from Six Sexy Options

Who doesn’t love weddings? Unless you’re totally against the idea of marriage, weddings are always a recipe for fun. But what makes a wedding so special? The love in the air, the romance, the festivities, families coming together and of course the fashion……

What’s a wedding without some new clothes, new shoes and some lovely trends to flaunt? Attending a wedding is as good as taking a walk down the runway; people WILL notice what you are wearing, no matter what you are wearing and that’s why you will always want to be dressed well for a wedding. Nobody wants to be remembered as the “fashion disaster at X and Y’s wedding.”

Spring and summer weddings are the ultimate fashion shows for you to showcase some pretty trends and enviable styles. So get ready to flaunt what you’ve got for the next wedding you will be attending this spring and summer 2013.

1. A Red Lacy Dress

 Red – yes; satin – no! Red and satin is the perfect combination for a dress to a winter wedding; not to a spring/summer wedding. Lace is in this wedding season. While you can work the magic of love with the color red, the lacy fabric will ensure that you’re up to date with this season’s fashion trends and you’re bound to look gorgeous.

Dresses for Spring Weddings

2. A Pastel Shaded Drape Dress

 If you are trying to go for an angelic look for the wedding, avoid wearing white. That color is strictly the bride’s privilege. But, you could still look pretty angelic in a pastel shaded dress. Peach or light pink are the two colors that you can go for. Since pastel will look too ordinary in a simple pattern, a drape dress is what you should look for to have everybody’s eyes on you.

Dresses for Spring Weddings

3. A Floral Detailed Dress

 A dress entirely based on floral print may not really go down too well as a wedding guest look. You may end up looking too casual. So the best thing to do is go minimal with floral prints for a wedding. While your dress can have some floral detailing on the side, you could also let either the top half or the bottom half be floral and the other half a contrasting mono color.

Dresses for Spring Weddings

4. A Floral Maxi Dress

 If the wedding you are going to is an outdoor buffet in the garden on a sunny summer afternoon, then floral maxi dresses are perfect for the occasion. With darker colored floral maxi dresses, such as purple, blue, brown or black, you will be dressed to impress.

Dresses for Spring Weddings

5. A High Low Dress

 High low dresses are short enough to beat the spring/summer heat and long enough to wear to a wedding. A high low dress is a great choice to wear to a wedding. Since this pattern is very much in vogue and you might not like to see another dashing girl dressed exactly like you in a high low dress, experiment with prints and colors for a unique and fabulous look.

Dresses for Spring Weddings

6. An Embellished Dress

 This is one trend you ought to handle with care. Embellished dresses work in summer as well as in winter. What differentiates them is the color you choose to go for. Stick to silver or gold embellishments to show off your shining personality and go in for base colors like pink, baby blue, red or orange. Avoid dark colors like black, brown and purple. An embellished dress is a great choice for spring and summer evening weddings.

Dresses for Spring Weddings

There you go! 6 ways to look fab at a Spring/Summer wedding in 2013.

  • Barbara Scott

    A high low dress is a great option when going for a wedding in spring-summer season, search for them on the internet, you can surely buy one inexpensively.