When Another Celebrity Marriage Hit the Rocks – Heidi Klum and Seal

Every celebrity marriage has vowed to be the most fashionable event in every aspect only to be caught up in shambles. In most cases, we are given a view of a very dirty picture of their separation. Heidi Klum and Seal were certainly no exception. What started off as a beautifully engaging love story between the two is getting uglier with every passing day.

But there was a little exception to their love story. Being happily married, theirs was a rather different story. It surely gave us a picture of Heidi Klum and Seal being married for life. 7 years is surely a long time to get separated.

 Seal hasn’t always kept away from the public eye as opposed to his wife who prefers keeping away from the media glare. Two days after their separation Seal updated a cryptic photo along with the two hard hitting words ‘The End’. He further stated that he would continue to wear his wedding ring which is a symbol of their love for each other. He added that his vows taken on the day of his marriage ‘Till death do us apart’ will be cherished by him through this ring.

Well, it did get sour between the two with dirty rumours of Heidi Klum cheating on her husband Seal with her bodyguard Martin Kristen. What initially was pictured as a beautiful relation between the singer and his Victoria Secret model soon started to get into a messy divorce.  Heidi Klum filed for a divorce in April, 2012 citing ‘irreconcilable differences”.  This divorce claims to get messier than ever and certainly has many reasons to add to the picture. With claims of infidelity, the fighting battles between the two for the custody of their four young children- Lou 2, Johan 5, Henry 6 and Leni 8 seems never ending.

 Seal further claimed to the tabloids recently stating that Heidi, his wife for 7 years, could have certainly showed some class before taking such a drastic step.

However Heidi refuses to accept any of the allegations imposed on her by her husband. She has clearly stated that the two have moved on in their lives and there is no looking back.  Heidi has stated that her estranged husband is trying all sorts of means to get hold of her money and properties. While Seal’s worth stands at 15$ Million, Heidi Klum reportedly is worth nearly 70$ Million. Heidi states that she filed for the divorce because she could not keep up to his partying lifestyle and had to call it off for the sake of her children who went through a lot during their separation alone.

Well Seal soon turned the tables when he changed his statements after imposing allegations on Heidi Klum of cheating while she was married. Seal further explained and clarified to the tabloids that he his wife was not cheating on him during their marriage but his main objective was to point out that she resorted to infinitely after they got separated. However the marriage was still not over since the legal process of the divorce wasn’t over.

If eye witnesses are to be believed Heidi Klum was seen enjoying a breakfast on a Saturday morning with her reportedly new beau- her bodyguard and her children. We surely can see Heidi Klum’s body being guarded rightfully, can’t we? Heidi states that her only priority has always been and will always be to protect her children.

Well, Seal too wasn’t portraying a different picture of a sour heartbroken husband. What seemed like a huge heart break from his wife was clearly being taken care of by not one, but TWO women at a hotel in Sydney, Australia.

For now this love story has just got a lot more dramatic and ugly. What the future holds for the two and their four young kids is very difficult to decide right now. It might come crashing down or every brick might be placed correctly again, only time will tell!