When Prince Harry Got A Little too Playful!

Well, well, well, now this has been certainly a degrading moment of utter shame for the entire British Royal Family. Courtesy- Prince Harry. What was supposed to be a fun and playful trip to Las Vegas turned out to be an affair Prince Harry and the entire British entourage is not going to forget for a long-long time, maybe forever! The explicit photos of Prince Harry being completely naked were released on a US website recently. And there wasn’t one picture but several pictures which have captured Prince Harry nude in all the possible angles.

 Disappointment is surely what one is experiencing at the mere sight of the photographs of Prince Harry frolicking all nude and naked during his trip to Las Vegas.  Prince Harry, at the young age of 27 years has been backed up by many of his late mother Diana’s friends, The Princess of Wales. Many of them supported him by words that were pretty hard to fall for, ‘”But that’s young men for you … its classic of a young officer. They work very hard and they play very hard. It’s a very simple thing.”


While this wasn’t enough, a mystery woman claimed to have gone a little hanky panky with the son of the Royal family, third to the heir, Prince Harry. The Vegas girl, an extremely stunning blonde, claims to have gone drunk that partying night at Las Vegas stating that she spent nearly 20 minutes with Prince Harry in the room alone. She further claimed that it was nothing but merely a drunk partying night which is being blown out of proportion and being taken rather harshly on the royal family. She states that Prince Harry was nude and they hugged and kissed for 15 to 20 minutes. She added that it was nothing romantic but a moment of pleasure and fun.

Rumours of cocaine doing the rounds in the Las Vegas hotel room have been strongly being passed around. Whether it is true or not, only time will tell. The royal palace is miffed with Prince Harry’s security entourage because of this entire scandal and for allowing photographs to be taken.

Prince Harry made his first public appearance after this nude scandal at an UK based charity function meant for seriously ill children. He was the guest of honor at this function and did not choose to give a disappearing act in spite of the recent scandal surrounding him.

 Prince Harry’s recently playful act has caught eyeballs all across the globe. Keeping away from wars and economic measures, he has surely turned more than a few heads towards him and I must add some ugly heads! While Prince Harry was out there just having some fun, he took the proverb ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ a tad too seriously. That is exactly what everyone fears and it doomed on nobody else but the Royal Prince himself. It happened in Vegas but did not choose to stay there.