When the Lady Goes Gaga on a Shopping Spree

Who would prefer a bike ride over a limo? Who would prefer stepping in an outrageous balloon printed jumpsuit than over a pretty little dress? Well we all know the answer! Her name is printed in the page three of the newspapers and magazines almost every day. She is none other than Lady Gaga herself.

She has always blown herself over the top. She has repeatedly managed to surprise us by her completely out of the box fashion styles. She had a weird aura around her. She has always showed the paparazzi a side of hers which no celebrity has ever dared to show. But she still manages to top the music charts. She still managed to get the most love out of us.  She still managed to be our favourite.

 Lady Gaga always takes us by utter surprise. And she was at it yet again. Lady Gaga was in Danish Capital, Cophengham for one of her gigs.  And there she decided to go on a shopping spree. What not many of us are aware about is the fact that when Lady Gaga goes shopping she splashes her big bucks like water. It was exactly the same the case at this little shopping spree that she took.

 Lady Gaga decided to pick up another 21 bags of the eccentric clothes that she adorns herself in.  And if precisely described the 21 bags contained only vintage gear that the Lady had shopped for. Who said that shopping was an easy task? It certainly wasn’t for Miss Lady Gaga! Who decided to step out for a beer pint to quench her thirst?

Did I forget to mention her obnoxious attire? I absolutely did. Not the kinds to ever disappoint her fans, Lady Gaga stepped out in outrageous attire for her retail therapy.  She dressed herself in a parachute shaped dress with a black horn designed hat to go perfectly with it.  However before stepping out for her refreshing pint of beer, Miss Lady Gaga chose to change in yet another pretty dress. Well was it pretty or umm… Actually isn’t it true that pictures speak for themselves. Check out Lady Gaga stepping out for her beer with her poochie darling in tow.

 She ditched her limo ride for a bike. Her fans were surprised to see her paddle around the streets rather than a hop, skip and jump drive in her limo.

Lady Gaga at 26 is an American music singer and a trend setter. She is a world famous name and is popularly known for her extravagant make up and fashion styles. Lady Gaga has become a household name with her popular numbers ‘Born This Way’, ‘Poker Face’ and ‘The Fame Monster’. Lady Gaga derives an inspiration from one of the greatest singers of the world, Michael Jackson.