Tony Stewart Girlfriend

Who’s Tony Stewart’s Girlfriend? Is he Dating Jessica Zemken?

Does Tony Stewart have a girlfriend? Who is she? Is she Jessica Zemken? Or is it someone else? Let’s find out!

Tony Stewart has made a big name for himself in the United States for his successful car racing career. This racer has won multiple awards for his performance on the tracks and earned a number of titles to his name, one of them being “the finest racers” in the United States of America.

Tony Stewart
Tony Stewart

And just like most celebrities who are open to the press only about their professional lives, Tony Stewart loves to keep mum about his personal life. Doesn’t it make you wonder why, especially when he is rumored to be dating one of the prettiest ladies from the car racing world? So who is this mystery woman? Is it really Jessica Zemken?

Tony Stewart Girlfriend Jessica Zemken
Tony Stewart’s Girlfriend Jessica Zemken

Jessica Zemken comes from a family of race car drivers. Backed by her father with his 28 years of racing experience, Jessica took her first steps in the world of race car driving at the tender age of 8 and joined the league of professional race car drivers on a competitive level when she was just 17 years of age. Now wouldn’t she fit the role of a “perfect girlfriend” for Tony Stewart?

Jessica Zemken’s (not quite the mystery woman) “supposed” relationship with Tony Stewart is one of the hottest talks of the town these days. Blogs, magazines and gossip columns have been trying to crack the dynamics of the relationship between these two celebrities in the world of car racing.

Jessica Zemken often makes an appearance at Tony’s races and it is her presence at his races which led to the speculation that these two race car drivers might be lovers indeed. She often spends time with Stewart on the court before and after his races and is always seen cheering for him. Wonder if that’s what drives Stewart to cross the finish line first!

Tony Stewart and Jessica Zemken
Tony Stewart and Jessica Zemken

Now Tony Stewart does have the notoriety of being the heart breaker and his relationships also have the reputation of being the shortest lived ones. But if these two are in fact together, then it seems like they have been going strong for a pretty long time.

We wish either one of them or both would confirm the rumors doing the rounds about them. But all we can do now is wait and watch for more signs if their “car” will win the race or not make it to the finish line at all. Either way, we’d really like to know, wouldn’t we?

  • Sally Turnip

    Rumor has it there was an ugly split. It seems that Tony roughed her up a bit and then threw her out of his car, leaving her to call a friend to pick her up. Since then, she has some extra cash to spend on racing. I appears that she was given a nice “chunk of change” to keep quiet about the entire ordeal in an interest to protect his image.