Bella & Edward remain in the hearts of millions but will Robert –Kristen get back? Or won’t they?

When Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson, she broke more than his heart. She managed to break the hearts of millions of fans who idolized the pair ever since the news of their off-screen love story hit the tabloids after the success of the first “Twilight” movie. They loved each other on screen as Bella and Edward and off screen as their more human avatars. Robert wanted to marry her, Kristen wanted to have his baby. That was how good things were going to be.

The amalgamation of the on-screen romance between Bella and Edward was perfect with the real life story of Kristen and Robert. True, there were no vampires in the real world for Edward to protect Bella from. But it appears that vampires were a lot less compared to what the real world lured Kristen into and Robert could do nothing to stop it.

What Kristen now calls a moment of indiscretion – the temptation of having an affair with the very much married Rupert Sanders, director of her latest movie Snow White and the Huntsman, proved catastrophic to her relationship with Robert. Could it have been anything else? That she wore Robert’s Dodger cap as she cuddled with Rupert Sanders further did her in. Kristen fell from grace and dragged Robert with her to hell. The news and social media erupted with stories about the biggest splitsville of recent times.

 Liberty Ross, Rupert Sanders’ wife is enduring the embarrassing episode, and has instructed her hubby to keep away from directing Kristen in future ventures if he would like to continue with their marriage. While Rupert Sanders is let off with a rap on his wrist by his wife and mother of his two children, Kristen may not have such luck.

As news reports surfaced with photographs showing Kristen hugging and kissing Rupert Sanders, the worlds of the most talked about pair in Hollywood came crashing down. Kristen issued a public apology within hours of the report, but could not stop Rob from leaving the mansion they once shared with their pooch Bear.

If reports are to be believed, Kristen is in a bad shape. Lodging with producer friend, Giovanni Agnelli, time seems to have stopped for Kristen as she tries to cope with heartbreak in her own way. According to the media reports, she hasn’t showered or changed and is living practically on ice-cream. Not a pretty picture at all! According to a source, Kristen would like to do nothing better than have Rob back in her life but deep down she knows that it may not be possible.


Robert Pattinson, on the other hand, is reported to be seething with anger and having an equally hard time coping with the betrayal meted out to him by the one person he loved the most. According to sources, the betrayal has cut him deep and he has been alternating between emotions of anger and pain to the extent that he accused Kristen to having another affair, adding another twist to the tale.

According to reports, Rob called up Giovanni Agnelli with whom Kristen is currently staying with and demanded to know the reason as to why Kristen is with him. He went on to accuse Giovanni of having an affair with Kristen on the sly. Why else would anyone shelter the one person who has betrayed him? Why, indeed, Robert.

Neither Giovanni nor Kristen commented on the recent allegations but Kristen definitely has found an ally in Giovanni who has been tweeting for the past fortnight and defending Kristen. He has been actively screening all her phone calls allowing only select persons to speak with her at the moment.

Unlike Kristen, who has confined herself, Robert has not been as unkind to himself. He was last seen with a group of friends in a low profile appearance in The Deer Lodge, Ojai, CA last Friday night. The cowboy music and dance club saw Robert arrive with a group of friends and behaved in the most regular fashion.

The fate of many hangs in the balance due the recent turn of tragic events in the life of the lovers. The very first being that of Bear, the dog that Robert and Kristen adopted as a couple. With Robert wanting sole custody of Bear, Kristen is devastated as Bear was very much like their child to her. Producers who had millions riding on the perfect image of the couple are worried that the recent news could prove to be too much of a distraction for their movies to do good business.

The future is an untold one and that is the biggest relief to mankind, heartbreak or not. If the latest reports are to be believed, Robert and Kristen have come to talking to each other again. It was Kristen who repeatedly sent Robert text messages and he is said to have replied. Post the entire heartbreak saga, Robert Pattison is due to make his first public appearance for the screening for his latest flick, Cosmopolis on August 13. Previous reports suggested that Robert and Cosmopolis’ director had banned Kristen from attending and went to the extent of directing the security guards at the premiere and the after party to stop Kristen from entering the premises should she show up.

Whether his instructions are reversed or Kristen chooses to stay away, one thing is certain. Things would never be the same again, for Robert, for Kristen, or the millions of fans. While the love between Bella and Edward remained and survived through the supernatural, Kristen and Robert’s met a fate much crueller than it could have been at the hands of the werewolves and vampires.

However sordid the tale of love becomes in the real world, fans can take heart in the characters that the ex real time lovers once portrayed. There is one consolation that Bella and Edward remain forever in the hearts and minds of their fans.

Everything else can come crashing down!