Winter Fashion 2013 – It is Now or Never

If you are still looking around, trying to figure the winter fashion trends 2013, you are already lagging behind. Winter is upon us and 2013 is just around the corner. You should have had your winter wardrobe in accordance with the 2013 winter fashion trends put together long before now.

But still, no harm done. It is late no doubt, but not too late and we are here to help. This article brings together the best trends from winter exhibited on ramps across the world and available in shops and stores right now.

Now there is no more time to lose. If you want to look your fashionable best in winter 2013, you must check out these winter 2013 fashion trends now. For time waits for no one and in the next few months, when we will be on the threshold of spring 2013, these trends will have no value.

So ladies, grab on to these winter fashion 2013 trends right now, because it is NOW or NEVER.

1. Oriental Winter Fashion 2013

Winter 2013 fashion trends look towards the east for inspiration as oriental designs and prints were seen in the winter collections of several major designers. The oriental theme seeped into the designs in the form of exclusive prints, unusual colors and clingy material, immaculately tailored to show off your curves. Short dresses, blouses in oriental designs teamed up with leggings and/or trousers, high mandarin collars were some of the variations seen on the ramp with this winter fashion trend.

oriental dress for winter fashion 2013

2. Leisure Suits for 2013 Winter Fashion

The biggest complaint people have against fashion trends is that they are at times not very practical. However in winter 2013, you cannot complain against this particular trend. One of the best trends from winter suitable for the working woman is the leisure suit trend. You can wear it in loud prints or subtle plains, as per your individual tastes. And in either case, it is a smart work wear apparel, adding elegance and confidence to your overall ensemble.

Leisure Suits for winter fashion 2013

3. Rise of the Oversize

In the past few years, we have observed that the oversize trend has become a staple of winter fashion and 2013 winter fashion trends are no different. This is a ‘kind’ trend to say the least as it lets you get away with the extra pounds you may have put on.

In the oversize trend, you can wear billowing trousers, extra wide jackets and coats that literally drown you.

oversize coats for winter fashion 2013

Of course, if you have worked hard on your body and want to show off your efforts (that’s only natural, not to mention fair), you can still sport this trend and do it. How, you ask? Well why not pair a loose top with fitting trousers or shorts. Or you could go the other way and team up your billowing trousers with a fitted top. The options are endless.

Get creative and play with the trends to create an individualized look that is unique to you and defines you this winter.

4. Leather Trends for Winter 2013

Invariably leather is an integral part of winter fashion trends. Winter fashion 2013 saw a preponderance of leather on the ramps in various formats.

(a) Black Leather

Black leather is always in vogue and one of most versatile trends in my opinion.

black leather outfits winter fashion 2013

Team up black leather with the right make-up and accessories and you are in the right attire for work.

And when you want to party and party hard, go in for a Gothic make-up and be amazed at the way your look is completely transformed.

If you have tried this, you know what I am talking about. And if you haven’t tried it, do so this winter and you will see the truth in my words.

(b) Colorful Leather

Bored with black? Don’t despair for 2013 winter allows you to experiment with colors in leather. If you think you can pull it off, go for bright orange, muted browns or even calming blue in leather. Of course it might take a bit of thinking to figure out exactly the right events to wear these to. But then that is part of the fun of fashion, isn’t it?

 colorful leather winter fashion 2013


5. Fake Fur Trends in Winter Fashion 2013

Like leather, fur is a staple of winter fashion every year. Some things never change, do they? In winter fashion 2013, fur trends encompassed coats and accessories like hats and bags. The fur coats seen on the ramp were colorful and the styles included oversize as well pseudo-peplum style, with a belt on the waist to give a peplum like look.

Note: Fake fur does just aswell (in fact it’s a better choice for obvious reasons) to carry off this trend.

fake fur coats winter fashion 2013


6. Vibrant Velvet

One of the most innovative winter 2013 fashion trends has been the incorporation of velvet into the apparel scene. Velvet with its smooth feel and deep rich tones lends a royal aura to the overall ensemble and complements the winter weather most perfectly.

On the ramp, velvet was presented in the form of dresses and pant suits. While both outfits looked chic, I lost my heart to the dresses that looked elegant, classy and absolutely lady-like.

velvet styles winter fashion 2013

7. Optical Illusion Prints

Prints are in this winter. But veering away from bold prints, 2013 winter fashion focuses on intricate print patterns that incorporate geometrical alignments and other factors and placed close together to almost create an optical illusion.

The optical illusion prints on the ramp were seen in color as well as black and white. While color prints may take time getting used to and may frankly not be everybody’s cup of tea, the black and white version looks classy and sophisticated.

optical dress prints winter fashion 2013

Winter is the time when your events calendar is usually full.  Starting from the Christmas party to the New Year bash, it is also the time for getting together with friends and family.

The perfect time to jazz up your wardrobe with these latest winter 2013 fashion trends and make a big impact.

Are you geared up?