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Top 5 Trends for Women’s Beanies for Winter 2012-13

Every season brings in its own set of accessories that add to your overall style and glamour quotient. For instance, you can make a style statement with sunglasses and hats in summer.

As the days get shorter and winter sets in, scarves and gloves become the accessories in focus. Another popular winter accessory is the beanie. Designed to fit snugly on the head, beanies are functional as they keep you warm.

As the winter 2012-13 trend fashion shows draw to a close, it is clear that beanies are an important part of women’s fashion for the forthcoming winter season. Though beanies are unisex fashion accessories and can be sported by men and women, we saw them in abundance, particularly in women’s winter shows.

So if you want to look stylish and ‘with it’ this winter, pay close attention, for we are about to reveal just for you the best trends for women’s beanies for the coming winter season.

The Top 5 Trends for Women’s Beanies for Winter 2012-13

  1. The Beanie Mask Trend

The beanie mask was observed in the Rick Owens Winter Fall 2012-13 collection. Mostly in darker shades of black and gray and paired with monochromatic outfits, the masked beanies set the ramp of fire quite literally. (Click here to watch a video of the show and see what we mean).

The masked beanie trend seen at the Rick Owens Catwalk.

To follow Owens’ design sensibilities, combine your beanie with the other popular winter accessory – gloves (preferably long ones extending to the arms), and you are all set to make a sizzling impression.

We understand that it may be a little impractical to wear a masked beanie in real life (unless you want go dressed as ‘Spider Girl’). But the point we are making is beanies are big this winter.

  1. Veiled Beanie Trend

Creativity lies in the details. There is no greater proof of this than the elegant veiled beanie created by designer Jil Sander in collaboration with British milliner Stephen Jones. Something as simple as adding a veil to the beanie has transformed it into an exclusive, stylish, formal accessory rather than the plain functional one, everyone wears to keep warm. Being sported by the evergreen fashionista Anna Dello Russo only added further to the ‘exclusivity’ of the veiled beanie.

This is an extremely versatile trend and you can choose from varied colour options to complement or contrast or your eyes/outfit to create an individualistic style statement.

Veiled beanies that complement and contrast


  1. Oversized Beanie Trends

A popular trend in the past, the oversized beanie has made a comeback for this winter. This trend was largely seen in Victoria Beckham’s show. With the beanie extending right below your ears, this is one welcome trend that can let keep you calm on bad hair days.

Oversize beanies can hide bad hair (not that these models need any help!).

Oversized beanies also impart an informal, relaxed look, perfect for a lazy Sunday brunch or get together.


  1. Sequin Beanie Trend

Adding some more glamour to the homely beanie is the metallic sequin enhanced beanie trend. Mostly seen in blacks, the sequin beanies make a sensational style statement for headgear this winter.

Metallic sequin beanies add ‘shine’ to your winter fashion.


  1. Chunky Knit Beanie Trend

And coming to the basics, the chunky knit beanies remain popular this winter too. Hand knitted beanies with exclusive patterns gives you a sense of individualistic style. Colours and patterns are restricted only by your imagination. From sporting tassels at the top to bunny ear shapes there is a wide range to choose from here.

Take your pick from the chunky knit beanies

 So ladies, now you know how to cover up that bean in style. Have fun and don’t forget to let us know in the comments how your beanie look made an impact on others. We would love hear from you.