Fabric Belts

Women’s Belts: Hug Your Waist Tight

In today’s world of constant change in fashion every day, belts play an important role as well. Most outfits are in fact incomplete if you do not adorn them with a belt, for example, pants, jeans, tuxedos, skirts etc.

A stylish and elegant belt lends character to your personality. Sometimes, a belt is an advantage for most women as it gives the slim look by holding your clothes tight at particular points of your waist.

Did you know that women started using belts as fashion accessories way back in the Bronze Era? Gone are the days where people lived by the notion that belts were meant only for men. In the 17th century, increased use of skirts and belts by women in the western world gained so much popularity that it today forms one of the primary accessories for women’s outfits as well. In the present world of fashion and style, women use belts with skirts, trousers and dresses to add a stint of glamour to their outfits.

Here are a few belt trends in vogue for your selection and style.

Leather Belts:

Leather belts will always remain a favourite regardless of the changes in fashion trends. They are most durable and look stylish in all types. Belts made with leather are available in different attractive colours and designs with metallic buckles. Rich and graceful in style, these belts do not miss catching the attention of the fashion lovers across the world.

Jewellery Belts:

 Jewellery is a favourite and must have for all women. It has made their entry into the designing of belts as well. Jewellery in belts in the shape of rivets, clips, metals, beads and beautiful stones is embedded on leather and other belts. Jewellery belts look fabulous when coupled with a traditional sari or ethnic dress.

Faux Fur Belts:

Fake fur has become one of the most common materials for most designs. Fur belts are extremely attractive and come in shades of red, green, pink and white. Additionally the pretty fur laces that hang from these belts look extremely glamorous and stylish. Perfect to go with your winter clothing.

Velvet Belts:



Hard velvet has become a common material used for most belts. The availability of velvet in different colours has encouraged designers across the world to create them in various designs and styles. These velvet belts look great for both formal and casual gatherings and are available in attractive colours of red, orange, silver and white.

Fabric Belts:


 Fabric belts are more in demand because of the glittering feel they give to the belt. The different fabrics used like satin, wool, silk, cotton have made women die hard fans of fabric belts and these are definitely here to stay.

Thin belts:

For those of you who don’t like it too big and prefer it to be subtle, thin belts are just perfect. Slim and sleek in style, these are ideal for work, formal functions and official meetings. They look perfect with a pair of black trousers or a knee length skirt as well.

So all you girls out there, get ready to add fashion belts to your wardrobe and get set to welcome the compliments that come your way.