Cardigan Tops

Women’s Cardigan Trends for Winter 2012

With the winter season just round the corner, it is that time of the year, when comfort and style can be combined for a great look. Be it to work, or a formal occasion, the cardigan can be worn to accentuate any outfit that you put on.

The cardigan is no more thought to be a boring un-attractive piece of clothing, worn only to keep you warm in winter. In fact, with the variations available this season, it won’t be long until, you‘ll be sporting the latest cardigans.

Here are some of the latest trends, that are a must have in your wardrobe this season.

1) Coloured Cardigans

Think sea green, bright pink or blue, and your imagination bursts into a spectrum of bright and beautiful colours. These are some of the colours that are in vogue this season. Whether it’s a pair of jeans you’re wearing or formal trousers or a dress, team them up with bright coloured cardigans for a chic look.

2) Cardigan Tops

Replacing your ‘regular tops’ this season, are the ‘cardigan tops’. As the name suggests, these cardigan tops can be teamed up with trousers as well as skirts. Find the one that suits you, and compliment your look with the right kind of accessories. The cardigan tops are very ‘hot’ this season.

3) Patterned Cardigans

The new rage this season is the patterned cardigan. Stripes, prints, and polka dots, are very fancy and attractive. Match the patterned cardigans with the right pair of jeans, trousers or skirts and you’re sure to turn a lot of heads when you walk.

4) Stylish Cardigan Wraps

The most happening trend on the runway this season is the cardigan wrap. Wear this dressy cardigan over your outfit. Embellish it with a slim formal belt to work or a heavy brocaded belt to a party.


 5) Shiny, Shimmery Cardigans

Team this attractive and shiny silver or gold cardigan with a contrasting outfit and make a bold style statement. Pairing these cardigans with outfits in the right colour, is sure to make you stand out as a stylish and elegant person in the crowd.

As the saying goes, ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it.’ So show-off some of the latest and fashionable cardigans this season, and be the one, who gets all the eye balls rolling wherever you go.

Happy shopping!