Women’s Ear Muffs Trends For Winter For 2012

First off, we would like to thank all our readers for blessing us with all your love, support and emails. Your response to yesterday’s Ear muffs article has been phenomenal. So many of you – our lovely readers – wanted us to give you more information on Ear muffs. So here we are with another article on Ear muffs at your disposal. Hope you enjoy this article too. Keep your emails pouring in…

There is no denying the absolute importance of having warm and quality winter clothing to keep you safe during the chilly months. Ear muffs are a great winter accessory that keeps you warm; at the same time – jazz up your outfit. In extension to our yesterday’s coverage of Ear muffs, we present to you additional trends that are ruling the winter radar. Let’s take a look at the latest trends in women’s Ear muffs:-

  •  Tartan Ear Muffs


  Now this is what we call classy fashion. This season, there will be tartan Ear muffs aplenty. This sophisticated Scottish print is a highly in vogue design. There are a variety of designs out there – Steward Royal, Black Watch, Burberry Check – the list is endless. Tartan ear muffs go well with single colour outfits having one of the base colours. They are usually padded with fleece on the inside to provide the much needed warmth. Simple yet stylish – tartan ear muffs are seldom bulky. They also look incredibly well with stoles, ponchos and the like.

  •  Plush Ear Muffs

Trendy plush ear muffs are back this season. They are available in scores of colours and designs – everything to suit everyone’s need. Exceptionally warm on the inside and particularly cute looking, plush Ear muffs give all other types a run for the money. They infuse a bubbly energy into your outfit and make you look very adorable. Pastel tones such as baby pink, baby blue and others are the preferred shades. However you can always make a bold statement by carrying off a pair of bright coloured plush ear muffs.

  • Animal Print Ear Muffs


Perhaps the boldest of all styles – animal print ear muffs are a winter 2012 must have. Go to a designer store and you will animal print Ear muffs in mainly two materials – wool and faux fur. They are a high fashion winter accessory keeping you warm and making you look fabulous at the same time. Prints such as leopard, zebra are the most popular designs. Team them up with simple printed cardigans, jackets or stoles and you are guaranteed to shine among your friends. They are mostly available in the thin-headband style.

  • Camouflage Ear Muffs

This style redefines “rough & tough”. If delicate and dainty is not your thing then choose a pair of sporty camouflage Ear muffs. Rest assured – you will get a lot of awe attention. They are usually the wraparound band type ear muffs. Highly portable and snug fitting – they are ideal for skiing, running or any kind of sports. The cutting-edge camouflage print goes well with darker colours. And the best part – you will find a great variety in the types of camouflage available. They also offer you the freedom to cover your head with caps and beanies. Get a pair of camouflage ear muffs and get-set-go!

  • Character Ear Muffs


 Ear muffs for the bold and daring – these are no less than a winter adventure you will remember all year round. The ends of these Ear muffs are designed into different shapes and characters. Of course, this means a whole lot of fun! So you can pick up a pair of hearts, fruits, even plush characters such as bears, dogs, Snoopy, Hello Kitty, what not! Add a whole amount of fabulous to your outfit with these fun and exciting ear muffs. They go well with all sorts of colours and outfits. Teaming them up with a cute muffler and awaken your inner child.

These are the top trends that you will see in the ear muffs section this season, in addition to the ones that we listed out yesterday. So if you’re going out for a ski trip or just on a day out with your girly gang – sport a pair of fashionable ear muffs and bask in stylish glory.