4 Funkiest Trends in Women’s Fingerless Gloves for Winter 2012-13

When winter sets in and the chill seeps in through your body, having good quality winter wear becomes imperative, almost indispensable. But the downside is that most bulky winter wear hinders free movement and everyday activities. In such situations, accessories such as fingerless gloves are a boon. They keep your hands warm and at the same time allow your fingers to work freely. That’s not all; they are undeniably more appealing than regular gloves and are a trendier alternative to toasty hands.

Now take a look at the Top 4 Trends in Women’s Fingerless Gloves for Winter 2012-13:-

  • Embellished Gloves


 The flashier, the better! Fingerless gloves with embellished studs, Swarovski elements and sequins will be ‘in’, this season. Black leather gloves with studs give you the biker chic look while sequins and Swarovski work as ornamental elements. There are many other embellishments which work amazingly when teamed up with the right kind of outfit. To stay in line with the latest trend, team up a pair of embellished gloves with dainty outfits.

  •  Flip-Top Gloves


 Flip-Tops are the newest innovation in fingerless gloves. They are fingerless with an attached mitten covering that can be flipped over the fingers. They are meant especially for those extremely frigid days or should I say rigidly freezing days. They are also known as ‘hybrid’ gloves and are a great choice as they offer the convenience of fingerless gloves with the optional protective warmth of mittens. Flip-Top gloves will be a rage in winter 2012-13. A variety of designs and materials such as prints, woolen, fleece, felt wool etc. are available in a wide range of colors for this style.

  •  Knits & Crochet Gloves

 The most popular pattern is back again this season and it’s better than ever. Supreme quality knitted gloves in wool is the best for protecting your palms against the bitter cold. There are ceaseless varieties of designs and patterns available in knits. The ace style is crochet. Crochet gloves are an all time classic knitted glove and will adorn your hands with timeless sophistication. Pastel colors, dark shades and vibrant hues – knits are all encompassing. They go well with nearly all kinds of outfits.

  •  Cashmere Gloves


 Strikingly warm, high on comfort and classy to look at – cashmere fingerless gloves are often underrated. So when you see one of these in an elegant burgundy or beige colour at the winter wear store this season – do not hesitate to pick up a pair right away! Cashmere fingerless gloves are typically stretchable and fit the hand extremely well. They allow for intricate finger movement without compromising on the warmth. Team them up with stoles and ponchos in pastel shades and look more stylish than ever.

These are the top 4 trends which will be prevalent in winter 2012-13.

Fingerless gloves are a must-have winter accessory for everyone. So if you and your friends plan a shopping trip anytime soon – watch out for these trends before the season ends!