What’s ‘On Her Toes’ – A Woman and Her Flat Shoes in 2012

Shoes are the indicators of your personality. Your shoes act as tools for forming the first impression about you. Moreover, shoes have a psychological impact on your mind (wearer). Remember the last time when you wore a sexy pair of shoes, even before you stepped out of the house, you knew you would be bombarded with compliments. Sounds familiar? There you go!

Ranging from sophisticated Platforms to happy go lucky Flip Flops to scintillating ballerinas …the footwear is capable of making you feel the best.

While we are at it, talking about the psychological impact of shoes, let me share with you an interesting study. It is often said that women wearing flats are the ones who like to live the way they are.

Whether you’re the one who loves flats or ballerinas or more, let’s take you through what has hit the market this year, with the constantly changing trends in flat foot wear.

Latest patterns in Flat shoes for women 2012

1) Cool – Yo Flip Flops

Though they lack a formal signature, but are equally stylish in the casual section as stilettos in Formal section. You will find these to be the biggest hit and the best pick by the ladies all around. Their USP is that they make you feel comfortable whether you wear them at home, colleges for a stroll or even for a beach walk.


 2) The bewitching Gladiator shoes continues to be in the trend

Today gladiator shoes and sandals are coming up as one of the most admired trends by the womenfolk including celebrities. So ladies, if you are searching for something light, sheer and decent, all at the same time, your search ceases here. You will find gladiators adorned with shiny buckles and lots of printed and plain straps. This summer you will find gladiators coming out in the form of cut out booties.

 3) The Ravishing Ballerinas 

The ballerina flats have recently captured the market in a way like never before. They have revisited the market making ballerinas, flats and pumps, the talk of the town. The soft spoken (so to say) ballerinas have started talking out loud making them a part of the larger shoes community. Ballerinas have become staple of many women’s wardrobe as they complement almost everything you wear them with.

You can wear it with cropped pants, rolled jeans, skirts, as well as shorts and dresses. This season you will find ballerinas with all sorts of embellishments like rope, studs or feathers and ruffles without making it look garish and flashy.

4) Neon is IN…

The shoe bazaar is dominated with use of neon colors which gives the footwear a shocking glare without making it flashy. You can give your personality a lively comeback by adding neon shades to your shoe collection. It’s a big advantage to assimilate your dressing with neon shoes as they go with almost anything.

There you go ladies… go grab the footwear of your choice that completes your wardrobe this season. It’s a perfect combination of style and comfort and it’s really going to pay you off. So all you ladies out there, go get ready to be complemented and be the cynosure of everyone’s eyes.

Happy Shopping!