How to Get Your Hat Right for Fall/Winter 2012-13 – the Top 4 Women’s Hat Trends

From movie stars to royal ladies to political figures, hats have been inseparable part of fashion for British women.

Are you set to don your hat and raise your glamor quotient this winter?

Hats can make a style statement and transform a plain look into an ultra glamorous and sophisticated one.

So we won’t keep you waiting any longer. Find below the season’s hottest hat trends collated from runways all over the world.

The Top 4 Hat Trends for Fall Winter 2012-13

  1. Faux Fur Hat Trends 2012-13

If you think that faux fur hats would be an obvious winter trend, you are right. Runways were dominated by (we like to believe fake) fur hats in varied styles and shapes. However we observed that the colors remained muted and neutral, barring just one or two bold designs.

Fur hats -Shapes and sizes galore, but colors not bright and vivid anymore

The lack of versatility in the hats colors and patterns is compensated for by the fact that you can team these up with practically any bright and bold outfit.

  1. Cloche Hat Trends 2012-13

Reviving the timeless style of the 1920s, cloche hats were setting the ramps on fire this season. The term cloche that is French for bell (and anything French is usually sexy and sophisticated) is an ultra feminine hat trend that can be best combined with dresses and skirt suits.

While we all agree that we are as good as (and even a tad better than) men in all spheres, feeling sexy and feminine once in a while feels good, doesn’t it? Indulge your ‘feminineness’ with cloche hats this winter.

Traditional cloche hat style is to cover one eye


  1. Fedora Hat Trend 2012-13

If you are not too keen on displaying your feminine side blatantly, we would recommend Fedora hats, which are unisex hats and fortunately a raging trend this winter season. Team your Fedora with regular trousers and shirt to produce an androgynous look fit for official meetings and the like. And if you are off to a romantic dinner, you may want to combine the hat with something girly like skirts or dresses to completely transform your look. A versatile accessory, don’t you agree?

Depending on how you combine your Fedora hat, your look completely changes


  1. Cowboy Hat Trend 2012-13

This typical ‘Western’ hat trend is popular in 2012-13. Matched with right outfits and accessories (leather belts, bags etc), the hat can complete the ‘outdoor-adventure’ ensemble.

Cowboy hat trend

 But the point is how practical is this trend? You obviously can’t wear it to work. But then again, if you work in a music studio or are associated in some way with rock music bands or you are a tour guide, this is a very good trend to wear to work.

As we never tire of saying, the trends are an indication of what is popular in the world of fashion. How you interpret them to suit you in the best possible way reflects your innate sense of style.

On that note, we doff our ‘hats’ to you.