Women’s Shirts for Winter 2013 Will Blow You Away

Winter is just a few blocks away from our homes in the UK. No matter how jealous we feel of those who are living in temperate countries where the weather lets them wear off shoulder tops, sleeveless tops, tube tops, etc throughout the year, we are proud to present to you remarkable winter shirts trends that have been capturing the imagination of everyone at the winter fashion shows in our part of the world.

Designers are on a creative mission to offer you an extensive variety of individualistic and brand new ideas for this fall with an emphasis on the best presentation of the nuances of the character, mood and the atmosphere. Whether you’re a fan of optimism of the retro look, or the crazy prints or the classics, you’re sure to be blown away by the range of options you will have in shirts’ this winter.

Collar Pattern and Length of Sleeves & Shirts

Ladies, you literally have so many varieties in collar patterns, length of the straps, sleeves and shirts this season. You have the unusual stand-up collar and a classic fold-down collar with pointed ends or curved tips. You will find shirts with straps of varying lengths – both short and long. Of course, the traditional white shirt with its hood makes its way to fall 2012-13’s collection. Similarly, you will be overwhelmed with the choice in the shirts’ length and sleeves’ length.

 You are surely going to love this one. The designers are offering shirts with the extended collar. That’s not all. There’s more. The long collar has ends which you can either tie to make a bow or tie in free knot to make a tie. Vertical cut and ruffles are going to be in vogue this winter.

With these trendy shirts, you are all set to look your best this winter.

Fabrics and Lace

Shirts made from transparent and translucent fabrics will remain trendy. Luxury materials, satin and silk are trendy this season.

And our lovely lace too will embellish many collections in the fall. You will see stores adorned with beautiful shirts displayed with lace in attractive and creative patterns.


Ladies, you will have a diverse variety of colors to choose from. The hip colors this winter are white, cream, black, brown, pastel hues and bright shades such as red and navy blue.

 Women’s shirts in stylish animal prints, floral prints and abstract patterns will rule the roost.

Pair your shirts with skirts or warm, heavy pants, leggings, jeggings (with under pants to keep you warm) this season. Forget about winter frost because you will sizzle and look beautiful and attractive with winter shirts.