Women’s Socks Trends 2013 from the Top Most Fashion Shows

As fashion editors, we all love watching the latest fashion shows, analyzing the fashion trends and speculating which out of the latest trends is going to catch like wildfire.

So here is our assessment of what will be hot in the women’s socks trends 2013.

We have painstakingly arrived at this analysis based on a thorough assessment of the top most fashion shows all over the world including Milan, Paris, New York, London and more.

Striped Socks Trends 2013

Stripes are classic, stripes are elegant, stripes are casual and stripes are fun. On the runways, we saw some of the most stylish, unusual and striking socks in stripes in the classic combination of black and white. We spotted these chic striped socks in the collections of the world’s best designers on the world’s best stages (in terms of fashion).

 Knee High Socks / Over the Knee Socks Trends 2013

With winters knocking at your doors, you should get set to stuff your closet with knee high socks. Why? Because they are sexy, they are fashionable and they are going to be in vogue in 2013. From the fashion stage, to red carpets to adorning beautiful celebrities, knee high socks are making a fashion statement everywhere. Over the Knee Socks in varying shades and hues and patterns will look chic in 2013.

Geometrical Patterned Socks Trends 2013

The most classic geometrical prints of checks, squares and blocks are going to rule the women’s socks fashion 2013. In addition, you will see cage prints and other abstract geometrical patterns looking trendy in 2013.

Metallic Colored Socks Trends 2013

Metallic colors are incredibly effective and popular for women’s collections of socks in 2013 as seen from the presentations on the runways for 2013. The foremost runner in the race of being the most sought after metallic color is silver, no doubt, but silver has many other colors chasing it for the top position. To stand out of the crowd, be ready to wear socks in various metallic shades of blue, purple, pink, green, crimson and more.

Thong Socks Trends 2013


 Whether you love them or hate them, you cannot afford to ignore the latest collection of thong socks that was seen on the runway presentation by Prada in its Spring Summer collection for 2013. Although many fashion critics seem to be widely critiquing the collection by Prada, but you know it takes a while to absorb the trends Prada sets. We predict that this trend of thong socks is going to rock the fashion scene in 2013.

 Aquatic Socks Trends 2013

On the runway presentations of several Fashion Weeks including London, Paris and Milan, we spotted many models flaunting socks in aquatic patterns designed by the top most brands. One of the highlights of these socks in aquatic patterns was the use of the colors of the ocean.

 Wool/ Acrylic Socks Trends 2013

It goes without saying, woolen socks are a must have for winters. Whether you want to go running or walk in cold winter, keeping your feet warm in wool or acrylic socks is the basic necessity. However, in addition to being a necessity, woolen or acrylic socks will rock in 2013 for their sheer look and style.


  Printed Socks Trends 2013

Prints have always mesmerized us, haven’t they? In 2013, you will see reptile prints especially snake prints looking stylish and sexy. The options and possibilities with different colors and designs in prints are almost unlimited. For instance, socks in floral prints especially with prints of rose, sunflower and leaves will look modish in 2013.

Color Palette

Wondering what color palette to look at, for the 2013 collection of women’s socks? It is a vibrant mix of colors with black, brunette, chocolate, red, light brown, maroon, sea green, navy blue, cobalt blue, olive, yellow, neons and gray.

Contrasting combinations and patterns on the socks are going to be in vogue.

So are you ready to add a pair each of the above mentioned trendy socks to your wardrobe for 2013? Let us know what you think about the trends that we sent your way.

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