Fashion Disaster 2013

Worst Celebrity Fashion Disasters in Jan 2013

The biggest spring summer 2013 fashion trends have been revealed and most celebrities are rushing ahead to incorporate the trends into their wardrobe. And with the awards seasons having kicked off, we have seen some highly fashionable looks on the red carpet.

And as always, we saw some looks that had gone horribly wrong. While we do always maintain that style is an individualistic interpretation of fashion trends, there is always a limit. And in some cases, these limits have emphatically been crossed.

So we bring to you some of the worst fashion disasters seen so far in 2013, so that you know exactly how NOT to wear these trends.

1.  The Floral Trend 2013

Floral trends are very ‘in’ in spring 2013 and major fashion houses incorporated this trend. And this trend was observed in all kinds of outfits- blouses, dresses, skirts and trousers.


How Not to Wear this Trend

Lucy Liu’s Carolina Herara floral ensemble at the Golden Globes red carpet is exactly how you should not wear florals. The outfit had much going for it with the sexy strapless design and fitted corset. But it loses out in the design of the florals, that is just too overwhelming and creates a ‘fussy’ effect rather than a light and cheery effect associated with floral designs.

Fashion Disaster 2013

2. Sheer Trends 2013

While the sheer trend has always been part of women’s fashion, in 2013, it actually became more wearable as designers like Victoria Beckham and Jason Wu focused on creating a modest and classy look with sheer.

Fashion Disaster 2013

How Not to Wear this Trend

Teresa Palmer gets this look completely wrong at a movie premiere. It is great that she has a toned body to show off. But showing off like this is not fashion etiquette, but inviting chances of wardrobe malfunction.

Fashion Disaster 2013

We always say that with sheer, there is a very thin line between classy and vulgar and perhaps here the line has been crossed.

On the Other Hand..

These ladies at the Golden Globes got it bang on and sparkled in their sheer outfits.


3. Ruffles Trends 2013

Soft ruffles are girly, feminine and very ‘in’ for 2013. In fact, the ruffled look was a big part of the Gucci Spring Summer 2013 collection.


The ruffles are prominently placed on the sleeves, the sides and across the chest in the outfits.

How Not to Wear this Trend

The top to bottom ruffled look is a definite NO, unless you are 8 and playing princess in the school play. And even then, perhaps, pink or purple would look more apt. Complete white frilly ensemble sported by Mena Suvari here makes her look more like a bird than a woman. And in any case, the shapeless dress does nothing for her figure.


4. Color Blocking Trends 2013

Color blocking has emerged as a major trend in 2013. Color blocking essentially involves combining two or more solid blocks of color together in an outfit, which produce a ‘segmenting’ effect on the body. The colors used are bold and create a dramatic effect.

Fashion Disaster 2013

How not to Wear this Trend

Color blocking as we said, is a dramatic trend and focuses all attention on your outfit. Combining color blocking with cut-outs and skin-show in outfits can create a very over the top or overwhelming effect. A look you can definitely do without.

Fashion Disaster 2013

These ladies have got it completely wrong.

Fashion is no doubt individualistic. But clearly fashion should not be foolish. Most of these fashion faux pas that we saw could have been easily avoided with common sense. Always exercise some of it when you make your fashion choices.