Women's Wrist Watch Trends 2013 - Dual Coloured

Watch Time Fashionably with Top 10 Wrist Watch Trends for 2013

Wrist watches make a great gift for practically anybody. You won’t have to worry about the size. And you don’t need to worry about the shelf life of this gift item, because everybody wants to know “WHAT’S THE TIME” and having a wrist watch is the best way to do so. So for the upcoming year – 2013, gift yourself a trendy wrist watch.

We have compiled a collection of wrist watch trends for 2013 to help you in the process of choosing a fashionable wrist watch for yourself. Let your eyes gleam with desire as you take a look at each and every fabulously unique piece and update yourself with these lovely styles and designs of wrist watches. Keep Time Fashionably with these top 10 wrist watch trends for 2013.

1. Gunmetal Watches 2013

Gunmetal watches are a rage among wrist watch trends for 2013. While the trend may seem a bit masculine, gunmetal watches are popular among both, men and women. The grey glossy finish that these watches have, make them very elegant and eye catching pieces.

A must have for watch lovers to adorn your wrist. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have it.

Gunmetal Wrist Watch Trends 2013


Gun Metal Wrist Watch Trends 2013

2. Ceramic Watches 2013

While gunmetal watches portray the fierce woman inside you, ceramic watches say romantic, cute and girly. If you’re looking to portray your feminine side, ceramic watches are the latest trend in women’s wrist watches. Ceramic watches are available in vivid colours, however, white and pink are sort of a rage among women. While black ceramic watches are available too, they closely resemble gunmetal watches. Ceramic watches have a casual and trendy street look.

Ceramic Womens Wrist Watch Trends 2013

3. Rose Gold Watches

Rose Gold Watches are some of the most elegant choices for formal dos. The look and feel of the color of rose gold and the intricacy with which this metal is used in watches, make it a very pretty sight. This is the kind of watch every woman will fall in love with at first sight, no matter which brand manufactures it.

While these watches are available entirely coated in rose gold, there are also certain brands where combinations of silver metal with rose gold and ceramic white with rose gold are popular. For those of you who are bored with silver and gold plated watches, rose gold watches will be a welcome change.

 Rose Gold Watch Trend

Rose Gold Wrist Watch Trends

 4. Bracelet and Bangle Styled Watches 2013

You’re going to a party and you’re confused about whether you should wear your wristwatch or your bracelet. Let’s solve this problem by introducing you to the bracelet and bangle styled watch. These watches are a smart choice for those of you who can never make up your mind between a wrist watch and a bracelet.

Bracelet Styled Wrist Watch Trends 2013

The bracelet/bangle styled watch gives you the look of a bracelet and the convenience of a watch, both in one. Grace your hand with this trendy and clever watch trend and let people keep wondering, “Is it a watch or is it a bracelet…. Wow, it’s both!”

5. Dual Colored Wrist Watches

Single colored wrist watches is a trend that flew by us in 2012. In 2013, the rocking choice is dual colored watches. Dual colored watches have various combinations such as gold and silver, silver and rose gold, white metal and rose gold, white metal and gold and so many more that will be a treat to your eyes.

Fossil And Markco Ecko Dual Coloured Womens Wrist Watch Trends


6. Diamond Studded Watches 2013

Diamond studded watches will keep you sparkling and shining all day long. Diamonds may be studded in the dial or they can be placed surrounding the dial, both of which are amazingly sexy wrist watch styles. A hot favorite adorning the wrists of famous celebrities, you too can shine like a million bucks in these diamond studded watches. Diamond studs suit rose metal, silver, gold and even leather strap watches.

Roger Dubis Diamond Studded Watches 2013


7. Gold Wrist Watch Trends

Gold, thy name brings sparkle, thy look brings charm. Has anything that has got to do something with gold ever gone out of style? Think as much as you want, but you will find nothing because GOLD itself has always been in style and people have been lusting after it since time immemorial.

Guess Gold Wrist Watch Trends 2013

Plain gold watches with an ordinary band, do appear quite ordinary. The latest trend with gold wrist watches are big dials and those studded with diamonds. Wide straps and narrow straps are both trendy and popular.

8. Silver Wrist Watch Trends

If you are looking to splurge, you can ditch silver and go in for a white gold plated or a custom made platinum watch for you. The sheen depends on the metal you go for, nevertheless, all of them look dazzling.

silver wrist watch trends 2013

Silver toned wrist watches are trendy for their versatility. They suit dials with any color, diamond studs embedded anywhere on them. And they are also a great tone to experiment strap styles with. Big dials and wide straps are very popular for 2013.

9. Sporty Wrist Watch Trends

Below you will see a few of the more casual/sporty type watches which are sure to be a huge hit in 2013.

Citizen Men's Chrono Perpetual kahuna velcro watch nautica ncs 46 sports watch Citizen ecodrive watch

Sport watches are a huge hit with the people who would live a more active lifestyle.

10. White Metal Wrist Watch Trends

While white, black, pink and purple ceramic watches dominated the wrist watch scene in 2012 and are still popular in 2013. These watches do appear like they have a ceramic finish, but they are in reality, pure metal wrist watches coated with white.

 White Metal  Wrist Watch Trends 2013

White is a heavenly color for women and a white wrist watch is sure to make you look like an angel. White metal wrist watches are a very feminine trend that could grace a woman’s hands with utmost style. White metal watches look even fabulous when studded with diamonds.

The lovely designs showcased to you in the compilation above are the 6 trendiest wrist watch fashions for 2013. Major brands like DKNY, Chanel, Skagen, Omega, Rolex, Cartier, Michael Kors, Esprit and Tommy Hilfiger have already launched these styles, which have received great response in the form of high sales.

You may find these styles in other brands too, while some may simply be label-less. However, these brands possess a charm that the same watch in another brand cannot offer you.

Let loose, it’s the holiday season and the time for presents. There is no harm in gifting yourself a lovely wristwatch that will not only help you watch time, but also help you watch your fashion quotient.